You can only accomplish the goals you BELIEVE you can accomplish.

Believing is seeing. NOT the other way around, as the expression usually goes.

You have to believe something before you can achieve it.

I was reminded of this when I read an interview with someone who built a very successful, high 7-figure business from scratch.

In the article she said that she never doubted that one day, she’d be making 7-figures. Not even when she was still only making 1000 dollars a month.

Somehow this got me thinking:

How much do I believe in my own goals and dreams?

What do I believe in without a shadow of a doubt?

And what do I not fully believe yet?

Because if I truly want what I say I want, I better make damn sure I believe I can have it – or it simply won’t happen.

I thought of everything I manifested so far, and fully realized this truth:

Everything I ever believed in with unwavering faith has ALWAYS come true.

And I’ve never achieved anything I did NOT fully believe in.

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The same is true for you.

Because this is how manifestation works.

(Keep in mind this has NOTHING to do with knowing HOW you achieve something!

You don’t have to know HOW you can achieve something. When you believe that you will, the how always becomes clear.)

I checked every goal and dream I have right now, to see I deeply believe I can do, be, have or experience it.

And I made some changes and did some inner work to make sure that I do.

I suggest you do the same, and check every goal & dream you have right now:

Do you deeply believe, without a shadow of a doubt, that you will do, be, have or experience this?

Can you see yourself having it?

If you uncover a goal you don’t fully believe you can achieve, it’s time to change that. 

Here’s how:

Option #1: Focus on something you CAN believe.

For example:

You want to make 50.000 dollars a month. You really want this. But you don’t fully believe you ever will.

Lower the number to something you completely believe is possible for you (even if you don’t know HOW you can do that, remember?).

You can raise that number once you’ve achieved it OR noticed your belief in what’s possible has shifted.

Option #2: Get curious.

Let’s use the same example. But now, you don’t change your goal.

You change your feelings about it instead, by getting curious about what it would be like to make 50.000 dollars a month.

How would that make you feel?

What if it is possible for you?

What if you can do this?

Feel into the answers until you feel something shift inside, and you start to feel excitement and enthusiasm.

Keep feeling that excitement every day. Consciously connect to it. Write about it in your diary as often as you can.

Option #3: Focus on who you need to BE.

Who do you need to be to achieve that goal?

What do you have to believe about yourself to achieve your goal?

Finally, make a list of reasons why you CAN achieve your goal.

Write all of this down.

And start making all your decisions & taking all your actions from the person you have to be to achieve your goal. Every day.

Happy manifesting!




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