One of my favorite TV-shows is Masterchef.

(And the Australian version is my favorite of them all.)

It’s a cooking competition where a bunch of home cooks compete for the title, which comes with some great prizes.

Most participants already have a career. And most of the time, that career has nothing to do with cooking.

(There’s your first lesson already: spend your life doing what you love. And if you don’t: change directions. Don’t settle for a career or a business you’re not fully in love with.)

I’m always amazed at the advice and feedback the jury gives: most of it is sound business advice, too.

Here are some of the lessons from Masterchef that directly apply to your business as well:

Cooking lesson #1: Play to your strengths – especially when the stakes are high.

When the pressure is extremely high, it’s usually NOT a good idea to start experimenting with different cooking techniques or recipes you never tried before. Participants who do this, usually lose this round.

How this applies to your business:

Feeling a lot of pressure? Focus on your strengths, and make the most of them.

If you feel stressed out to make a lot of money fast, for example, it’s not the best time to launch a new program AND try a new marketing strategy AND deliver all new content at the same time.

Experiment with this when you feel more relaxed. Don’t add to the pressure you already feel, but rather do something that’s worked well for you before.


Cooking lesson #2: Add love to everything you do.

The judges ALWAYS taste the difference between something that was cooked from the heart, with love, and something that was cooked without.

The meal cooked with love ALWAYS beats the meal cooked without love. Even if it ‘s less creative or doesn’t look as good as the love-less meal. Even if mistakes were made.

How this applies to your business:

People feel the difference between the things you do with love and the things you do without.

Don’t love your program, product or service? Change whatever needs changing until you feel super excited about it again.

Don’t like a certain marketing strategy or tool? Don’t use it. Switch to something you DO like.


Cooking lesson #3: Be present, and focus on what you’re doing NOW.

When participants made a mistake or served a meal that completely failed, they often get very nervous. They lose their creativity and find it hard to bounce back. They dwell on what went wrong before, instead of what’s in front of them right now.

The judges always  give the same advice: forget about yesterday. Focus on what you’re doing right here, right now. Focus on your love for food and cooking, and the pleasure it brings you. Don’t dwell on what you can’t change, and enjoy what you’re doing right now.

How this applies to your business:

Exactly the same: don’t dwell on past mistakes or lack of results.

Focus on what’s in front of you now, and enjoy the process. Do the best you can, and forget about everything else.


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Cooking lesson #4: Always trust your gut.

The best cooks are the most intuitive ones. Their gut tells them to combine certain ingredients or change the cooking time. It tells them to add extra salt or leave it out.

It NEVER pays off if they neglect what their intuition tells them. Participants ALWAYS regret it.

And the judges ALWAYS remind them to always, ALWAYS, trust their gut.

How this applies to your business:

The same: always trust your gut.


Cooking lesson #5: The cook that wins, is not necessarily the best cook. It’s ALL about their mindset.

These two comments from the Australian judges perfectly illustrate it.

I wrote down what they literally said, because I found it so fascinating how this is ALWAYS true – in cooking, in business, and in life.

This is what one judge said to the 2 participants who made it to the finals:

“I know you’re both good cooks. The only question now is: how good are you in dealing with the pressure?”

And this was said to someone who was a VERY good cook – IF he managed to keep his head in the game:

“You know what’s gonna beat you? Your own thoughts. Your own confidence.

That’s what determines who will win this competition: mental strength. The person who’s strong enough to keep going.”

How this applies to your business:

EXACTLY the same. It all starts with your mindset. That determines at least 80% of your results.

That’s why your inner work, aligning with your goals, and working on your mindset & beliefs, is THE most important thing to do every day. How you feel and what’s going on in your mind is SO much more important than the actions you take.

Success is created from the inside out. EVERYTHING is created from the inside out.

So make sure you always start there: inside.




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