My coach said something that pissed me off this week.

She was talking about the importance of being clear on your mission.

How this helps you make decisions.

How it helps you receive clear inner or divine guidance on what your best next step is.


How it makes you feel confident in what you do.

And how tuning into it helps you overcome your fears & doubts, and do the things that truly matter – instead of letting your to-do’s or day-to-day life determine your actions (and results.)

I knooooooooowwwww, I thought to myself.


Just get on with it, I KNOW this shit!

And then she said:


“I don’t think any of you are clear on your mission.”


Now THAT pissed me off.

I was offended.

You’re telling ME I don’t know what my mission is?




The person who’s been coaching & teaching people how to find their purpose and mission since two-thousand-and-fucking-ONE?!

The person who created and delivered a program called ‘Big Mission, Big Impact’?

Who wrote dozens of articles and a book (available in Dutch only) on finding your purpose and mission?!

I didn’t say anything.


I sucked it up in silence.

I focused my attention on the rest of the call and forgot about it.


But that night, I woke up and couldn’t sleep anymore.

I started thinking.

I know that things don’t piss you off for no reason. At the very least it means there’s something going on inside you might want to explore and address.

Plus: I love and respect my coach A LOT. She’s fucking good at what she does. Her observations are usually spot on. So why would she be completely off base now?


It finally hit me:

Holy. Fuck.

She’s right.


Yes, I know my mission and my vision.

But somehow, over time, it quietly moved to the background of my mind.

I’ve been busy growing my biz & my tribe; creating content & programs; and serving my clients.


I’ve been busy with the day-to-day stuff of running a business and, well, living.

Yes, I know my mission and my vision.


But do I still let it guide me as religiously as I did a couple of years ago?

No. I don’t.

My mission used to guide me every single day.

In every project I did, decision I made, and action I took.

I consciously connected to it every. single. day.


I let my mission pull me forward.

The difference that made?

ALL the difference.

I spent less time thinking about my fears or doubts.

I was focused on my mission, and that helped me transcend them easily. They were there – but I didn’t let it sidetrack me for very long.

I was more focused in general.


I was busy doing the things that TRULY matter, instead of simply being busy.

As a result, I got a shitload of work done.

And at the end of most days, I felt fulfilled. Happy. Content.

Because I spent the majority of my time on the things that mattered most to me.


The things that matter most to my SOUL, to how I want to live and who I want to be.

Recently I found myself wondering when I last felt FULLY alive on a daily basis.

When I last felt that I was being the best version of me most of the time.

And when I last felt fulfilled on an almost daily basis with what I do, how I live, and who I am being.


The answer? A long time ago.

Not that I’ve been unhappy or completely unfulfilled. Absolutely not.

But TOTALLY alive, vibrant, and fulfilled?


Feeling that I was doing what I’m born to do at its fullest, happiest, and liveliest?

Well……that’s been a while.

That ends now.

I choose to let my mission guide me every single day, in every action I take and decision I make again.

I’m fully back to my essence and what matters to me most!


So how about you?

Do you know your vision?

Are you clear on your mission? Do you let it guide you, every single day?


If you’re not completely fulfilled at the end of most days, you’re not.

If you don’t feel like you’re doing what you’re born to do, you’re not.

And if you don’t know the answer but you resonate with what you’re reading, you’re not.

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Take some time to reflect on it right now.


Grab your journal and write it out:


What am I born for?


What is the bigger, deeper reason for me to be in business at all?


What do I want to contribute to?


How do I want to live and who do I want to be?


And do my (daily) actions and decisions reflect this?


To living the life and doing the things you KNOW you were born for, baby!




P.S. 1: In case you’re wondering, here’s my mission:


To inspire millions of women entrepreneurs to make a difference through their business on their own terms, in their own way – without sacrificing, compromising or changing who they are. 

I’m building an inspiration & information empire to reach and impact these women through my books, products, and programs.


P.S. 2: Need help to make the difference you’re born to make in a way that serves YOU as much as your clients?

Or to finally GO for your deepest dream & mission for 100% instead of pussyfooting around it?

If you’re driven, ambitious, and ready to invest the time, money and energy to make this happen my 1-1 coaching might be just what you need. Check it out here.




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