I recently caught myself self-sabotaging again.

Not for the first time. And it probably won’t be the last time either 😉

Thankfully I noticed it pretty quickly now.


I learned from my past experiences, and was able to course-correct and stop sabotaging myself very early on this time.

And it’s my intention to notice it even earlier next time, so I don’t even START to self-sabotage anymore.

One of the things that will help me with this is a list I made with all the ways I sabotage myself.

I decided to share my list with you, to help you create your OWN list of self-sabotaging behaviors.


Because knowing HOW you sabotage yourself, is the first step to be able to stop it and move forward again.

And yes, you self-sabotage too 🙂

Every human being does. But it’s no big deal if you acknowledge and change it, so it doesn’t stop you moving forward


Self-sabotaging behavior tends to show up when you:

  • Uplevel something in your business or life;
  • Set out to achieve a new / big / or exciting goal in your business or life;
  • Enter new territory or a new phase in your business or life;
  • Make a (big) change in your business or life.


So…if you want to create the business and life you deeply desire, it’s important to know how and when you sabotage yourself.

Start by making your own list of ways you self-sabotage, so you can recognize and nip in the bud quickly.

You can use my list to get you started on your own list, and make sure you’re not missing one or more symptoms.


Here are some of the ways I sabotage myself:


#1 I stop doing things that are good for my physical, mental, emotional, financial and / or spiritual well-being.

For example:

Less exercising / less journaling / less inner work / less meditating / taking less care of my surroundings / let the piles on my desk grow bigger and bigger.


#2 I procrastinate.

Not from inspiration or a deep knowing that I shouldn’t do something.

On the contrary: I KNOW I should do it, my intuition is telling me to do it, but I choose to ignore that.

As a result I either don’t start something, or don’t finish it.


#3 I do (more) things that suppress my emotions.

For example:

Watch more TV / drink more wine / eat more fast food / and back in the day when I used to smoke, I started smoking even more than I already did.


#4 I unconsciously create problems or conflict.

For example:

Pick a fight with my partner / pay less attention to my finances: get sloppy in paying bills on time / buy things I don’t need or can’t afford.


#5 Comparisonitis.

I read what other people are doing to make myself feel bad: I feel jealous, judgmental, and insecure.

I don’t let what other people do inspire me, but let it make me feel worse.

Instead of spending my time and energy on my OWN business, I waste it thinking about (and feeling bad about) other people’s lives and businesses.

(Get my entire list PLUS 5 other common ways of self-sabotaging behavior PLUS a worksheet that helps you recognize, stop & prevent self-sabotaging here.)


How do you know if one of your symptoms is a sign of self-sabotage, or of something else?


  • Ask yourself and give yourself an honest answer (sometimes you already know you’re sabotaging yourself, but you haven’t admitted it yet.)
  • Look at how it makes you feel. If it makes you feel less joyful, less energized, less excited, a bit bland and overall makes you feel a bit more down and in a low(er) vibrational state: you’re probably self-sabotaging.
  • When it stops your flow and momentum.


How do you stop sabotaging yourself?

The most important thing to do, is to make a comprehensive list of all the ways you know you sabotage yourself.

If you don’t know your self-sabotaging behavior, you can’t stop it or prevent it.

So make your list. It’s super helpful and eye opening to see it all written down.


You can download a FREE checklist below to help you stop & prevent your self-sabotaging behavior:


This checklist includes:

* The complete list of ways I sabotage myself (to inspire you to recognize your own sabotaging behavior.);

* 5 other possible symptoms of self-sabotaging behavior (also to inspire you to create your own list.);

* Tips to stop sabotaging yourself;

* How to create your own list of self-sabotaging behavior,


* How to create your own practices that help you prevent self-sabotage. 

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© Brigitte van Tuijl


P.S.: ALL that ever stands between you and manifesting your dreams & business goals, is the inner shit that blocks you – and that results in behavior like for example self-sabotage.

And you can only soar as high as you’re willing to go deep.

If you’re ready to SOAR and go for your TRUE desires in business & life (in your own way and most definitely on your own terms):

I can help.

Check out my 1-1 coaching here, and apply for a spot if it resonates.


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