6 years ago I wrote and self-published my first book.

Which looked like this:




After a couple of months, I’ve had it with the shed full of books, and having to create an invoice and send a book by mail every time an order came in.

So I sent an email to Uitgeverij De Zaak, asking them what the next step would be for them to publish it.

Send a copy over so we can read it and see if we like it first,’ was their reply 🙂

I did, they liked it, published it, and it’s still available today. (Dutch only)

This is what the book looks like now:






This book did a lot for my biz:

  • It got me clients (some people who read it and wanted more contacted me to work with me 1-1, or signed up for one of my group programs);
  • It increased my expert status;
  • It increased my visibility;
  • It got me a lot of free publicity and more traffic to my website.


It also felt VERY fulfilling to create something tangible. And to finally have written a book – something I dreamt about for years.

And it inspired and helped thousands of people.

That feels wonderful, too!


I also missed some opportunities, though, because I didn’t know how to do this then:


  • It did NOT grow my list;
  • And it didn’t lead to one or more additional income streams.


Today, that book doesn’t do a lot for my business anymore, though.

Because I don’t do career coaching anymore, no longer work in Dutch, and I serve a completely different audience now.

If people want more after reading the book, I can’t help them anymore.

I’m still very happy with the book, though, and am very grateful for everything it’s done for me and my biz!


Your book(s) can have a positive impact on your business, your audience and yourself, too.

So if you’ve ever dreamed about writing a book, I urge you to sit your ass down and start WRITING it!

I know, it can be scary. You wonder if people want to read it. If they’ll like it. Or not. And criticize you for it.

You wonder where to find the time to write it.

But you know what?  

Who cares?!

If you have a book in you: write it!


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It’s easier than ever before to self-publish it.

There’s a lot of free information online that helps you write and publish a book.


There are soooo much more people who dream of writing a book, than there are people who actually do it.

Become one of those who WRITE & PUBLISH it.

It feels amazing.

And it can make a big positive difference for your business, your audience, and YOU!


© Brigitte van Tuijl

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