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You want clients.

And you already know what to do to make that happen:

Be visible. Market, promote and sell your services and products. Consistently.

But what if you’re doing all this and you’re still not getting the amount of clients you want?

When this happens to one of my private coaching clients, there’s often one thing that causes this.

(And we never have to dig deep for it, by the way, ‘cause I ALWAYS sense and know if this is happening for them or not. And I always tell them when I notice, so we can address and solve it quickly.)


So what is this one thing that effectively blocks more clients to work with or buy from you?


Your doors are energetically closed for business.

Say what, Brigitte?!

Your doors are energetically closed for business.

This is what happens when you say you want more clients, and at the same time, you don’t.

As a result, you’re sending out mixed signals. The actions you take are influenced by this as well. You’re not all in.

Your potential clients (unconsciously) pick up on your mixed desires, and respond to it:

They either don’t buy or sign up. Or they say ‘yes’ one day and cancel the next.

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How do you know if this is going on for you?


‘Cause if you’re not one of my 1-1 clients, you have to figure this out on your own right now 😉

You find out by asking yourself these 2 questions and answering them honestly:

#1 What’s the benefit of attracting more clients right now? Why do you want it?

#2 What’s the benefit of NOT attracting more clients right now? Why DON’T you want it?

Write down EVERYTHING that comes up.


Maybe you have NO answer to question #2 at all.

IF that’s really true, you can check other factors now: if you’re visible enough; if you’re marketing, selling and promoting your stuff consistently and effectively, etc.

But if you DO have reasons for not wanting more clients, you’re NOT fully open for business right now.


And you need to fix that first, before you even think about taking any actions to get more clients.


• By addressing each of the reasons you DON’T want clients. Come up with possible solutions to the problems you fear might show up.

For example: maybe you’re scared so many people will be interested in working with you 1-1, that you won’t have any time left for yourself.

One possible solution could be: to create a waitlist.

• By coming up with reasons why you WILL be able to handle whatever you fear might happen.

For example: you don’t want people to sign up for your program because you’re scared you won’t be able to deliver.

Shift your focus away from that fear by making a list of 20 reasons you are perfectly capable to deliver the value you promised.

• And finally: by energetically opening the door for business.

By saying it out loud. By writing it down. By seeing before you how you change the sign on your business or website from ‘Closed’ to ‘Open’.

Do it in any way that feels good and inspired to you. Every way works if you’re fully behind it.


Of course, you may still need to address other factors like your marketing, sales or copywriting skills after this.

But once your doors are energetically open for business, any changes you make will now actually WORK.

So do yourself a favor, and check if you’re REALLY open for business right now.

Even when you think you are, your answer might surprise you!


© 2016 Brigitte van Tuijl



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