Interview with JG

Jeanna Gabellini is a master business coach and profit-doubling expert.

I interviewed her on the topic of money – because that’s the main thing sooo many entrepreneurs struggle with, right?

Listen to this super fun & inspiring interview and learn:

  • The MAIN key to permanently turn your financial situation around (a quick fix is nice, but lasting change is soooo much better!);
  • How to change your financial situation FAST (this one will blow your mind);
  • Why more marketing is NOT the key to getting more clients;
  • The #1 thing to believe about yourself if you want to get more clients and make more money.

[s3audio s3url=”Interview Jeanna Gabellini Feb 11 2016.mp3″ /]

The free template Jeanna mentioned in the interview is no longer available. BUT when you listen to her answer to my question what people can do to start improving their financial situation today, you’ll know what to do (the template was all about that.)

I also promised to post the link to her online program Profit Quest.

I’m happy to share this program with you, because this is THE program that finally helped me solve my own money problems.

AND I’m super happy to be the head coach in the Facebook group Profit Quest for the second time!*

In this group, I’m there for you to answer ALL your questions about the program, laser coach you through any & all obstacles, and support you in whatever you need to make the most out of Profit Quest.

You can read all about Profit Quest here.**

Hope you enjoyed the interview, and I’d love to hear what you took away from it.

You can post your response in the comments below!




* I’m only coaching there during the live delivery of the program: from the end of February until the end of May 2016.

** Yes, that’s my personal affiliate link, which means that if you sign up for Profit Quest using that link, I get paid a fee. If you don’t want me to get that, you can simply google the program yourself.




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