How focusing on joy helps you boost your biz

One month ago, I wrote an article about the powerful effects of a simple joy-exercise.

I resisted doing this exercise for years, and when I finally committed to doing it for one month straight, it gave me some valuable insights:

I realized I don’t expect too much, and never fully expect to get what I truly want.

And how, if I DO get things I want, this immediately freaks me out, thinking that I will lose it again for sure and/or something bad will now happen to even out the good.

(You can read the entire blog here.)

When you have trouble opening up to joy, to life, and receiving what you love & want, this hurts your business as well as your life.

That’s why I decided to make this my overall goal for 2016:

To open up to joy more and more each day.

So how do you do that?

It’s one thing to come up with a goal like this.

It’s another to come up with practices and actions to actually DO this.

I already decided to do the joy-exercise I write about in the aforementioned blog every day.

Which I’ve been doing religiously 🙂

I wondered what else I could do. Something small. Something fun.

And this morning, I came up with the #dailyjoyproject.

Every day, for 30 days in a row, I’m taking a picture of something that brings me joy.

I post this picture to Facebook and Twitter. And add one sentence on what it is that brings me joy.

Super simple.

Besides it being a fun thing to do, it WORKS too!

It works, because it automatically makes me focus on joy.

After all, I have a picture of something joyful to take. And posting it on Social Media keeps me accountable.

(Not that anyone will get mad or even notice if I skip a day. But I’ll know. And the off chance someone else might notice it too, adds some extra pressure. In a good way.)

Joy is something a lot of entrepreneurs kinda forget about in their biz.

You may be forgetting about it, too.

Because every day, there’s so much to think about and so much to do.

Because you work too hard.

Because getting shit done often feels more important, even though you KNOW that’s not what life is all about. (You DO know that, right?)

But you get the BEST results when you’re in the flow. When you’re doing things you love. When you’re having fun. When you experience flow.

And you most definitely FEEL best when you experience joy.

Are you experiencing enough joy in your business?

(And even if you are: there’s always room for more, right?)

How could open up to more joy in your business and life?

What helps YOU focus on more joy every single day?

Maybe there’s something else you’d like to see more of in your business and life.

Creativity. Spirituality. Freedom.

Whatever it is, the principle of allowing more of it into your life on a daily basis is always the same:

To come up with a simple practice that helps you focus on it every day.

You can take a picture of it, like I’m doing. Write about on your blog or in your journal. Create a short video.

Or ask yourself every morning what you can do that day to allow more ……(fill in whatever you want to see more of) into your business and life that day.

This shit works – not just for me but for my clients as well.

Try it! You’ll feel better and most likely get better results in your business as well.



© 2016 Brigitte van Tuijl


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