Top-3 free biz apps

These 3 free apps help me in my biz almost daily:

#1: Meditation App Insight Timer

Yep, a meditation app. Nothing is more important in your biz than feeling relaxed, and having a quiet mind. If you want to be tuned into your intuition, be in the flow AND be able to focus, that is.

Meditation is the best way to get there. 

This free app has a wide range of guided meditations, from different teachers with different lengths and different topics. (There’s even a one-minute meditation if you’re really pressed for time. It works, too!)

My current favorite guided meditations are the Power Nap by Andrew Johnson; More Allowing, Less Striving by Kristoffer Carter; and Letting Life Live Through You by Tara Brach.

You can download the Insight Timer for Iphone here. 

You can download the Insight Timer for Android here.


#2. Money Tracking App

“If you want to manifest more money in your life, you have to track every single penny AND keep a gratitude journal of all your good fortune.”

That’s how Denise Duffield-Thomas, aka Lucky Bitch, describes her income tracker.

I always track my income and my expenses, but until now I’ve been using Excel for it. Which works fine, of course, BUT this app makes tracking your income SO much more fun!

You can personalize the categories; see colorful reports (pie charts! I love pie charts.); and more.

Oh, and the best thing? When you add a new entry, the app makes a KA-CHING! noise. That makes me smile every time.

You can download the app for Iphone here.

There’s no version for Android available.


#3 Evernote

There are no words to describe how much I LOVE Evernote. I tried the free version and was so happy with it I almost immediately upgraded to the paid version.

(The best feature of the paid version is that you can search EVERYTHING you added to Evernote, even pictures, articles and handwritten notes! Super handy when, like me, you’re not the best filer in the world and never remember where you saved that idea, quote, note or article.

Recently I was looking for something and all I remembered was that it was inspirational and it had the word ‘fish’ in it. If I had to look for it in my paper filing system that I no longer have, I would NEVER have found it. But when I typed in ‘fish’ in Evernote, the story I was looking for immediately popped up. Magic!)


Back to the free version. Which is already awesome.

You can use it to keep lists; add notes; save ideas (both in writing and as an audio file); add PDF’s and links and pictures and soooo much more.

I mainly use it as a filing tool, but you can probably do much more with it that I’m not aware of yet.

I have it on my phone, laptop and desktop, and it automatically syncronizes everything on all devices.

You can download Evernote for Iphone here.

And the Android version is right here.  


What are your favorite apps?

I’d love to hear what they are! You can post them in the comments below. Thanks!


© 2016 Brigitte van Tuijl



P.S.: Curious about the fish – story? You can read it below. This is how it shows up in Evernote after I type in the search word ‘fish’. Remember, this is a paid version feature only. 




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