Are you trying to reach a goal and wonder why it hasn’t manifested yet? Wonder if you need to change something and if so: what?

Go over these 7 reasons with an open mind (and be completely honest!!), and you’ll know what’s wrong and how to fix it:


Reason #1: You’re not clear on what you want.

Do you know exactly what you want? Really? How can you tell when you’ve achieved it? How can I?

Solution: Clarify. What do you want & why do you want it? What does it look & feel like?


Reason #2: You no longer want it.

Do you still want this? Sure?

Or is this something you’ve wanted for so long that you automatically assume you still want it?

Or is it something other people want for you?

The key question is this:

Is this truly what you want if you believed you could have anything you wanted?

Solution: Dump your goal, and focus on something you do truly want instead.


Reason #3: You’re not aligned with your goal.

Are your thoughts, actions, beliefs and behavior all pointing in the same direction: towards manifesting your goal?

Do you believe manifesting this goal is possible in general? Do you believe it’s possible for you? Do you expect to actually achieve it? And are you taking the right actions to make that happen?

Solution: Notice where you’re out of alignment. Answering the questions above helps you figure out where you’re stuck.


Reason #4: You’re not taking the right actions.

Be honest: are you doing everything you know you can do? Or…are you resisting things that, deep down, you know you should do?

Solution: Focus on why you want to achieve this goal, and what it will bring you once you’ve achieved it. Then take a deep breath and do it.

Free Manifest Checklist Button Reason #5: You’re not taking responsibility. Are you blaming others, your circumstances, the universe, anything or anyone outside of yourself for your lack of results? If so, you’re giving away your power.

Solution: Take full responsibility for whatever your business and life look like right now. Stop complaining, whining & making excuses, and take back control of your life, decisions, actions and results. You cannot change all of your circumstances. But you can change how you react to it. Taking full responsibility brings you back into your full power.  

Reason #6: You’re not open to receive it. Are you seeing (and seizing!) the opportunities that are right under your nose this very minute? Did you ask for help and if so: are you accepting the help you get?

Solution: Set the intention to open up. Know & feel that you’re worthy and deserving of achieving your goals.  

Reason #7: You’re being impatient. Did you check the 6 reasons above? Were you 100% honest with yourself? Are you clear on what you want, aligned with your goal, doing everything you can & have to do, seizing the opportunities you get and taking full responsibility for your actions, thoughts, results and behavior?

If you’re SURE none of the other reasons are at play:

Let it go. Let go of your attachment to the unfolding of your actions.

Keep doing what you feel you need to do, and don’t try to rush, push or force it to happen. It won’t work. Grass doesn’t grow any faster if you pull it – you’ll most likely kill it. You can water it, take care of it, and enjoy doing that and watching it grow.

The same goes for your goals and dreams: they have their own timing that you have no control over. You can only control YOUR actions, feelings, behavior and response to whatever happens next. The rest is up to the universe.

Are you sure you’re doing all you can do? Then let go. Enjoy the process. And allow it to unfold in its own divine right time. Free Manifest Checklist Button
© 2015 Brigitte van Tuijl

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