It took me a LONG time to create my business plan for next year this time.

The reason my goals and plan didn’t come together was simple: my heart wasn’t in it.

I was merely thinking about it, and coming from my rational mind only.

So I solved that by going back to the core:

The essence of my goals, plans, business, and why the hell I even bother with any of it to begin with.

If your plan isn’t coming together OR doesn’t excite you, you need to go back to the core as well.

These questions help you with that:

Question 1: What’s the essence of what you want?

What is it you really want to feel?

Answering this question helps you connect to the core of what you want your business to bring you.

For me, for example, the essence of what I want is freedom. Feeling happy and at peace. Expressing myself and fulfilling my potential. And to enjoy my life and my business as much as I can.


Question 2: What do you most want to do, create and experience?

What brings you joy? What challenges you in a good way? What feels like fun to you? What is it you’d LOVE to do next year?


Question 3: What’s your mission?

What do you want to contribute to? What difference do you want to make with your business and work?

Keep it simple. You’re not writing this for others or your website. Just write it down in a way that makes sense to YOU.

For example: mine is to inspire women all over the world to be true to who they are, what they want, and how they want it. To build their business and life around it. And to make the difference they’re born to make through their business, without compromising, sacrificing or changing who they are.


Question 4: What do you love to do most, and how much time do you ideally want to spend on it each week?

For me that’s writing (25% of my time), creating (25% of my time), reflecting/learning new things/studying/reading (20% of my time) and coaching (10% of my time).

The other 20% is for working on my business and things like administration, you know, the boring shit that’s also part of your work 😉

Knowing what you love to do most helps you create the plan, the weekly schedule AND the business model that allows you to create a business and life you love.


Question 5: What do you most want to let go of?

What do you want to do less of? Or want to stop doing all together?

After you’ve answered these 5 questions, your heart-felt goals and a plan that excites you can fall into place.


Final (and most important) tip: Don’t forget your soul!

Invite it to bring you answers and inspiration.

Sometimes the answers come the moment you ask them.

Sometimes they get clear over time.

Reflect on these questions, write them in your journal, and notice what comes up when you look at those questions:

  • What wants to be expressed through me next year?
  • What’s the path my soul wants me to take?
  • What’s the bigger plan for my life?

“Trust that your soul has a plan, and even if you can’t see it completely, know that everything will unfold as it is meant to.” ~ Deepak Chopra


All you have to do is get out of the way 😉

Good luck and happy unfolding!


© 2015 Brigitte van Tuijl

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