How good can you stand it

Almost three years ago, I first heard about the 68-seconds-of-pure-positive-thought exercise (by Abraham Hicks) from my coach Jeanna*.

The essence of this exercise is to:

Think about something you want to manifest, and focus on feeling the joy of actually having/experiencing that for 68 seconds straight.

I tried it a couple of times, didn’t like it, and left it at that.

Last month, Jeanna gave us that same exercise as part of our mastermind homework for November.

I resisted doing it.

So Jeanna challenged me to just TRY it for 30 days straight, and observe what would happen if I stuck to it:

What would happen if I allowed more joy into my life?

Well, challenge me to try something for the sole purpose of observing and exploring how it feels & what comes up, and I’m IN, baby!

So I committed to do this joy exercise for 30 days straight.

At first, it triggered resistance again. But I did it anyway.

I dove in DEEP.

Started setting the timer for 120 seconds instead of 68 seconds.

After one week, I sent Jeanna an update about the insights I gained so far.

Here’s exactly what I wrote, copy-pasted from my email to her:

Some insights about the 120-seconds of pure joy exercise:


1. I totally get now why I resisted (always!! resisted) this exercise. 

In essence, this exercise is about opening up to life.  


2. Something I’ve always resisted, ’cause this is my default state when it comes to life:


a. I don’t expect much of it, and therefore I never *really* got how you can ‘claim’ things or ‘own’ your dreams. I don’t expect to get much.


b. And if I DO get things I want, it immediately freaks me out, thinking that I will lose it again for sure AND/OR something bad will now happen to even out the good thing.


The more good comes in – the more bad you also attract.


So there’s not much point in wanting more, right? Makes no sense.


3. That’s why controlling and resisting in general are 2 of my default behaviors


4. And the result of it is that I’m not open to receive, to fully enjoy myself, or to fully live.


5. If I choose to live my life to the fullest – which I kinda reluctantly do – I HAVE to open up to life. Can’t have one without the other.


6. So I’m fucking doing that step by step now, by


7. Doing the 120 seconds of pure joy DAILY. And most days, 2x a day.



I could never really let it in.


I can NOW. Step by step, mind you, and it feels safe now ’cause I’m observing what happens and whenever I can learn and observe and get insights I feel safe.




So, onwards with the joy-thing, step by step, and we’ll see what happens next.


I’m cautiously ready to be pleasantly surprised 🙂



Today is the 11th day of doing this exercise.

I feel better already. I’m opening up.

Opening up to more joy, more fun, more abundance, more flow.

I’m opening up to LIFE.

Something I’ve been struggling with on and off since forever.

Like SO many people do.

And when you have trouble opening up, allowing and receiving, this doesn’t only diminish your joy in life.

It also hurts your business.

There’s less flow and more struggle. Less joy and more worry. Less going with the flow and more attachment, resistance and control.

And it’s much harder to live up to your full potential. You’re always containing and restricting yourself, if only a little bit.

I choose and commit to fully open up to life.

In fact, that’s my #1 overall goal for 2016.

Because I KNOW that when I’ve fully opened up to life and find joy in each moment no matter what, EVERYTHING else will automatically fall into place.

Life takes care of itself

(I’m not sure whom this quote is from. Let me know if you do so I can add her/his name!)

Over to you now:

Are you fully open to live, love, joy and abundance?

Are you able to receive and allow more good into your life? And into your business?

And if not, how could YOU open up more?

‘Cause the better you can stand it, the better it gets!


May you live all the days of your life










* In case you’re wondering:

My coach Jeanna = Jeanna Gabellini. I’m in her mastermind program for the 4th year in a row now. She’s amazing.


P.S.: One month after I wrote this article, I started a fun little daily practice to open up to even more joy. You can read the blog I wrote about this here. Including tips for you to add more joy (or whatever else you want to see more of in your life) to each day as well. 


P.P.S.: Ready to raise your own bar on receiving joy, success, love, and ease in your business & life, too? Ready to not only GO for the TRUE dream you have for your business, but to LET IT IN as well? 

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