Share something unusual - it's good for business

We all have things we don’t usually share. I have them. You have them, too.

And you’re probably not sharing them for the same reasons I’m not:

Because you’re afraid of what others will think of you.

That people won’t like you anymore, will criticize you, or think you’re a lunatic.

And of course: that people will stop buying your stuff and you’ll end up broke, miserable and alone.

BUT…it’s good for your business to share some things that feel uncomfortable sometimes. Yes, even when they’re personal and don’t seem to have anything to do with your business.

I’m sharing a couple of them myself in this blog. And I invite YOU to do the same.

But first, let me explain WHY it’s good for your business:

#1 It makes you stand out

You’re NOT the only healer, life coach, writer, business coach, web designer, graphic designer, or whatever you do out there.

How do you stand out between all these others?

Easy: by fully expressing the ONE thing NO ONE ELSE HAS:

Who YOU truly are.

No one else has your personality, background, experience, sense of humor, opinions and hobbies. And all the other millions of things that make you YOU.

Show us who YOU are. Don’t hold back. Infuse every aspect of your business and marketing with YOU. And you automatically stand out. It’s really that simple.


#2 It makes you a real person people can connect to

Most people share a polished version of themselves on Social Media.

Everyone shows just PART of themselves.

Which makes most people blend in and, honestly, kind of boring.

It’s only when people show their true colors it feels like you’re connecting to a REAL person – instead of a carefully crafted personality-lifestyle-brand-persona.


#3 It filters out your ideal clients

You only have to focus on your ideal clients. They’re the ones you can and are supposed to help.

They love you and you love them.

The people who don’t like or get you are not your ideal clients (nor your friends).

You don’t want them in your business or your life. You don’t NEED them in your business or your life.

When you are totally true to who you are, it’s easy for people to immediately see if they like you or not.

If they don’t, they can move on and find someone else they DO like. And you don’t have to waste your time trying to win people over. Which doesn’t work and isn’t necessary.

(Yes, ladies, you have full permission to stop trying to please everybody and to try and get everybody to like you. 

It’s not your job, it will NEVER work, it’s exhausting, and it waters down your gifts and who you truly are.)


Now, before we move on to the actual sharing of things you don’t normally share:

Don’t share things you don’t fully stand behind or don’t feel grounded in yet.

It’s OK to share something that feels a bit uncomfortable or vulnerable.

But it’s usually not a good idea to share things you’re in the middle of processing. Make sure you’ve dealt with it first.

Sooooo…what’s something you don’t usually share? Feel free to blurt them out in the comments below 🙂

I’ll go first, as promised.

Here are 3 random things I don’t usually share:


#1 I’m a hermit and need a lot of alone time. I don’t often feel peopled out anymore, but when I do, I can ’t stand ANY human beings around me besides my partner Arjen. (As long as he lets me be and doesn’t expect me to communicate with him or listen to him or something like that).

#2 I knew since I was a kid myself that having children was not for me. It’s not my thing, and I always knew that. I’ve known this ever since I was 5 or 6 years old.

#3 I believe in past lives, parallel universes and aliens. I mean: how could you NOT?


Your turn:

What are some things you don’t usually share?

I’d love to read them in the comments below 🙂



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