In one of the Facebook groups I’m in, someone recently asked if anyone could recommend a good VA (virtual assistant.).

That’s actually the wrong question to start with if you’re looking for a good VA.

(Or any type of support in your business: a coach / a bookkeeper / web designer or whatever else you’re looking for.)

I shared with her how I found my own VA, and broke it down into the exact steps I always take to find the best support in my business:


  1. I made a list of what it was EXACTLY I was looking for:
  • what I needed help with;
  • what type of person I was looking for (the profile of my ideal supplier / team member / coach etc.), and
  • how I ideally want to work with them.


    1. I decided that I WOULD find this person, even if I had no idea if what I was looking for really existed. I simply trusted that if I have a question (in this case: the support I most needed at that time), the answer is already out there (in this case: the person or program that’s the most ideal answer or solution for me.)



    1. I asked the universe to help me find her. Gimme some signs! Show me the way, baby!



    1. I opened up to receive the answers, ideas, insights, and opportunities that ALWAYS come to you after you’ve asked a very clear question. I paid attention to everything that jumped out at me, and actively looked for clues.



    1. Last but not least: I ACTED upon the answers, ideas, insights and inspiration that came to me.


  Voila. That’s it. That’s all there is to it. This is how you find the BEST support for your business. Always. (Come to think of it: this is how you manifest basically anything.)    

Here’s what this process looked like for me over the past couple of years:

When I used this process to find my VA, the inspiration I got was to google a couple of keywords.

When I did, my eye was drawn to the third website that showed up in the search results. I went to the website.

It felt good. I made an appointment to have a chat and see if we were a perfect fit. Which we were. And I hired her on the spot. (the actions I took.)

When I used this process to find my spiritual bookkeeper, I felt a nudge to open a spiritual magazine and look at the last page with little advertisements. (inspiration). I did, and noticed a small ad from…a bookkeeper. I called her, made an appointment, talked to her, and hired her on the spot. (the actions I took.)

When I used this process to find a program or method to change your subconscious beliefs, I was led to an online interview that was part of a telesummit. (the inspiration I received). I signed up; listened to it; filled out the application form for a strategy session at the end of the call; showed up for the strategy session; felt this was indeed the program and coach I was looking for; and signed up for the program on the spot. (the actions I took).

And when I was looking for a virtual mastermind program at the end of 2012, I felt inspired to open a newsletter I NEVER normally read. (the inspiration I received).

I opened the newsletter; read a small piece of copy about her mastermind program that was about to start; went to the sales page; felt I was in the right place; scrolled down and signed up on the spot.

Without ever talking to her first. Because I felt this was the right program for me. (the actions I took.)  

These steps ALWAYS work. As long as:

You’re CRYSTAL CLEAR on what it is you’re looking for. You DECIDE you WILL find / receive / manifest whatever it is you’re looking for.

AND: You take the ACTIONS you feel inspired to take. Even when they scare you. Even when it means taking a risk, like investing money you don’t currently have in your bank account.

Try these steps the next time you’re looking for support in your business!

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