The BEST thing you can do for yourself today

In this picture above you see my favorite coffee mug, favorite notebook, and favorite pen.

I take time to journal and do my inner work EVERY morning before I do ANY kind of work at all.

It makes such a difference to your well-being AND your results to do this every day.

If I really wanted to, I bet I could come up with at least 25 benefits journaling has for your life and your business.

But since I’m not in the mood for that right now, you just have to take my word for it for now.

Or better yet:

Try it. Today.

Here are 2 great questions to journal on to get you started:

If I ONLY spend my time on things I actually LOVE to spend my time (my life!!!) on, what would I stop doing immediately?

And what would I be doing (much more of) instead?

Write down EVERYTHING that comes up for you for at least 10 minutes.

Yes, 10 minutes. (Don’t have 10 minutes to reflect on your life? Seriously? All the more reason you really should do this journaling exercise.)

Yes, this is potentially confrontational. (Which is the EXACT reason you really should do this journaling exercise.)

You want to create a business and a life you love, right?

That starts by knowing what that even looks like. Which starts with answering these 2 simple, yet powerful questions.

To building a biz you’re in love with!



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