How to permanently deal with fear of failure

Failure is nothing to fear. It’s something completely neutral.

Failure doesn’t mean ANYTHING besides the meaning YOU give it.

All you have to do to deal with your fear of failing, is change your perspective on it. 

When you do, it becomes so much easier to do business, take action, do things you deeply feel you love to do, and do everything in your way, on your own terms.

Do whatever you feel is right for YOU.

Do what you love. 

You NEVER know how it turns out in advance, and there are NO guarantees.

This is the only guarantee you have:

Your life in its current form ends one day. And when it does:

How do you want to have lived it?

What do you want to have experienced, seen, accomplished and done?

What is it that makes your life worth living?

DO that. LIVE that.

Play, enjoy yourself, love, have fun, take risks, don’t care what anyone thinks of you, and spend your time doing the things that matter to you most. In your personal life AND in your business.

You only have this one precious life to live as the person you are right now.

Don’t let fear of failure prevent you from living the life you most want to live.

Failure doesn’t mean ANYTHING besides the meaning YOU give it.

Change that meaning and this fear will instantly lose the hold it has over you.

Failure used to mean the end of the world to me.

It used to mean that I was worthless, incapable, unlovable and dumb.

It no longer does.

Now, I see failure as part of growth and change.

It shows me exactly where I’m not aligned with my goals; what I need to learn, improve or let go of; and what needs to change to make it work the next time around.

ALL I did was change my perspective on failure and the meaning I gave it. And that changed EVERYTHING for me. 

You can do the same thing.

Start by examining which meaning YOU give to failure. And choose a different perspective on it next.

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