3 (no marketing!) ways to attract more clients

Yes, you need marketing to get clients and grow your business.


There are also other ways to attract clients.

I share 3 of them in this article.

Add those to your already existing marketing…and your results will improve without doing more marketing, or changing or adding new strategies.

Start playing with them, and see for yourself:


#1: Share your deepest message and truth

Are you sharing EVERYTHING you deeply believe in when it comes to your expertise?

Or are there some things you don’t always (or never) share, because:

You’re afraid of what others will think about it.

You’re afraid to be criticized.

You’re afraid to not fit in.


Stop hiding what you deeply KNOW to be true.

Your potential ideal clients are waiting for it. They need to hear YOUR vision, solution, belief and solution to their problem.

How can people understand the true value and uniqueness of your work if you don’t show it?


And how do your potential clients know they need YOU if you don’t show them who you truly are?

Show it. Don’t hold back any longer.


#2: Energetically connect to your ideal clients

Ground yourself. Close your eyes. Take a couple of deep breaths. See your ideal client before you in your mind. (This can be an existing or previous client, or someone who represents your ideal client.)

Imagine them sitting next to you. Now talk to them.

Ask them how you can help them. Ask them what they need to know about you or your program/product/service before they are ready to purchase something from you or work with you. Ask whatever you want.

Thank them when you feel you know enough.

Write down the answers so you don’t forget them.


And don’t worry if you’re making this up or not.

If the information feels right to you, then use it. Act upon it.

Who cares if you made this up yourself or if you actually channeled your ideal client?


#3: Ask the universe to help your ideal clients find you

Do this in whatever way feels good to you:

Write a letter or a request to the universe, and sign it with your name and the date.

Ask in a prayer. Or very consciously think about it.

You can ask the universe to help your ideal clients find you.

To help your ideal clients find the money to hire you. To help your ideal clients find the courage to contact you.

Ask whatever feels right to you, in the way that feels right to you.

Come from your heart and your soul: connect to WHY you want to help your clients, and the difference you know you can make in their lives.

When you come from that place of love and connection to something bigger than you, magic happens.

Play with one (or all) of these tips, and be open to see and receive results.



© Brigitte van Tuijl


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