Don't believe these myths about your big business vision.

Some women entrepreneurs immediately light up when they hear the words ‘big goal’ or ‘big vision’.

But most of them freeze up when I ask them what their big vision for their business is.

Because their fears of stepping up are instantly triggered.

Or because they believe one of these myths below that simply aren’t true.

Going for your big business vision does NOT mean that you:

  • must build a huge, complicated business (you can keep your business as simple as you like, and remain a solo entrepreneur if that’s what you most prefer);
  • will lose your freedom (absolutely not – YOU decide how you want to work and how much freedom you allow yourself to have);
  • have to change who you are (on the contrary: all you have to do is be ALL of who you are – and build your entire business around it).


Building the business you TRULY want and implementing your big vision IS different from growing your business in general, though.

Sure, you need to know what you want, get your mindset in order, and take action until you’ve achieved your goal – just like it works for any other goal.

But that’s not enough. And it’s not even the most important part.

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