5 biz lessons you can learn from this bestseller author


I recently heard* that Marion Pauw, a famous Dutch author, quit writing.

In the past 8 or so years, she wrote a couple of bestsellers and some things for TV.

And still…she decided to quit her successful writing career.

She said her well of inspiration has dried up, she’s tired of sitting at home alone behind the computer. She also felt her writing was always under pressure from other stuff that needs to be done.

For those reasons, she quit writing and started a business instead.

There’s a lot of inspiration in this story on doing life & biz on your own terms, and being true to who you are.

Here are 5 lessons you can use in your business and life:

Lesson #1:

Always listen to your gut feeling & whatever it is you feel you need. And ACT upon it.

Lesson #2:

Don’t be afraid to walk away from something you’re VERY successful at if it no longer makes you happy. No matter what others expect from you, think about it, or shove in your face about it. Fuck ’em. This is your life.

Lesson #3 :

Don’t be afraid to walk away from ANYTHING you’re no longer happy with and that no longer fulfills you.

Lesson #4:

Never explain yourself to anyone. Including yourself. If you deeply feel, with heart & soul, that you HAVE to do something, go do it. Whatever it is. However unexpected it seems.

Lesson #5:

Never. Ever. EVER. Betray yourself & who you’re born to be. Make space to BE you and to DO you no. matter. what.

Whatever deep reasons Marion had for making this decision, and no matter how it turns out:

I applaud her guts to go do something TOTALLY different, because what’s she’s doing right now no longer fulfills her.

And that is what I would like to stamp on your forehead if I could (no, just kidding – ingraining it in your brain is good enough ;-)) :

Have. The. Balls. To. Be. True. To. Yourself. No. Matter. What.

Be true to who you are and do what makes you happy. Fuck, do MOOOOORE of what makes you happy 🙂

And walk away from everything that no longer fills your well.

* You can the article about Marion Pauw’s decision here (in Dutch).

I found this article thanks to Florien, one of the participants in my Happy Hermit Hangout – my closed Facebook group for women coaches & entrepreneurs.

Hop on over if you’re a mission-driven women entrepreneur who likes to meet like-minded women in a little quiet corner of the internet 😉




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