Want to make yourself visibile but keep putting it off

I’ve been playing with Periscope for a short while now, and I really love it.

Lately, I heard from several women that they’d like to start using it for their business as well, but…

They give me all kinds of reasons, and most of them come down to either fear of being visible, or not knowing what to say or how to use Periscope.

Which is a shame, ’cause it’s such a great medium that can really work wonders for your business.

And it’s so easy to use, really!

Watch this Periscope Peptalk and:

  • Find out why Periscope is such a great tool to use for your business;
  • How the fact that it’s live is a HUGE advantage and actually makes it easier to play with it (even though most people feel this makes it harder);
  • Feel confident that YOU can do this, too!

(Plus, you get a glimpse of my messy office. Not all of it, of course. Gotta keep up some appearances, right? 😉

You can watch it here:


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