Fear is the number one dream killer.

And 99 out of a 100 times it is THE reason why you’re not achieving your goals and manifesting what you want.

Fear keeps you from taking the steps you KNOW you should take – but they just feel too scary.

Fears keep you stuck, hold you back, and even stop you from dreaming about what you REALLY want in the first place.


Fear stops you from getting the results you dream about … IF you let it. 

Fear doesn’t have to take over your life or your dreams.


Here are 10 things I’ve learned about fear that helps me deal with it every time I encounter it. It helps my clients deal with their fears. And it can help you too:


1. Breathe. Literally: breathe through it. When you breathe deeply in and out, you instantly feel calm, grounded, centered and connected to this present moment. Try this breathing exercise to experience the immediate effect of your breathing on your well-being:

Exhale completely. Inhale for four seconds. Hold your breath for seven seconds, and then exhale for eight seconds.


2. You don’t have to get rid of fear. You CAN take steps despite your fears.  All you have to do is decide to not let it stop you. And keep taking small steps to move forward.


3. Fear has no more power over you than you give it. You have the power to choose which thoughts you pay attention to, and which thoughts you let go. You have the power to choose your perspective and shift your perspective. Yes, this takes training your mind like you’re training an overexcited puppy. But it CAN be done. If you choose to. (And why wouldn’t you? Your dreams and goals are important, right?)


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4. Don’t make a big deal of it when you let your fears take over. It happened. And now that you see it, you can change it. You can change your mind right now. You can start anew every single second of every single day.


5. Get help. I invest in coaching and healing and energy work. I surround myself with people who get and support me. It’s so much easier if you allow yourself to get help. Who can help you?


6. Be ready and willing to do your inner work: journaling, reflecting, thinking, pondering, dreaming, AND looking your fears straight in the face instead of running from it.


7. Fear does NOT grow bigger when you look it in the face. It gets smaller when you do.


8. You’ve dealt with fear and overcame it many, many times before. (Really! Your first school day. First job interview. First date, first kiss, first almost everything, really.) You did it before, so you can do it again.


9. Fear is an ally and a friend: it shows you what your deepest, truest dreams are. (The things that scare you the most are the things you most deeply want.) And it shows you exactly what you can heal, change or shift to be able to make that dream come true.


10. Fear doesn’t stand a chance in the face of consistent, inspired actions. And the more you take action despite of feeling fear, the easier it gets.


“Do the thing you fear most, and the death of fear is certain.” ~ Mark Twain


© 2015 Brigitte van Tuijl


P.S.: Your inner blocks & obstacles are the ONLY thing standing between you and whatever it is you want to experience or achieve.

Clearing those blocks is all you have to do to live your DREAMS instead of your fears.

It’s not always easy to cut through your own crap or heal your own inner turmoil, though.

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