The #1 thing you need to achieve your goals


Sure, you need action to achieve your goals – but it’s not the most important thing.

And yes, it helps to formulate SMART goals.

But THAT’s not the most important thing either.

(Which is probably why I tripped over the R and the T in this video. Even though I know this! I swear!

Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic Timely. See? 😉

So what IS the most important thing?

Watch the video to find out:

  • What’s most likely going on when you’re not making much progress on your goal;
  • Why it’s sometimes so hard or even impossible to achieve your goal;
  • What you DO need in order to achieve your goal, and
  • One tip that immediately helps you manifest your goal with more ease (or at all!).


You can watch the Periscope broadcast below:

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