How to make the best of the rest of the year


Remember how excited you were when this year started?

This year, things would be different. YOU would be different.

You’d stop procrastinating; go full out for those goals that you say are so important to you; you’d make a lot more money – and the list of things you hoped to change probably goes on a bit.

Time for a reality check:

Did you change what you wanted to change?

Did you achieve what you said you wanted to achieve?

Is it your year yet?

And if not: what will you do differently starting NOW that will make. this. your. year. after. all?

It’s NOT too late! ANYTHING can happen if you start being & acting differently NOW.

These 3 steps help you with that:


Step #1: Make peace

Write down everything you’re not happy with or feel disappointed about: the results you didn’t get. The goals you didn’t achieve.

Your unfulfilled hopes, dreams and desires.

Write down how it makes you feel. Cry if you have to. Scream and curse if you want.

After that: accept that this is what it is.

This is what’s going on right now. You don’t have to like it.

But spending your time and energy bitching about it is NOT going to change a thing. It’ll only make you feel worse.

This is simply what your life looks like until now.

And you can change it starting now.


Step #2: Gratitude

Look at everything you DO have in your business and life right now.

Make a list of everything you’re happy with and grateful for.

Write down at least 50 things. Think that’s a lot? It isn’t.

You have a roof over your head, food on the table, a body that functions and a washing machine?

That’s 4 things to be grateful for already. See? 50 is not that much 🙂


Step #3: Decide

Make the decision to change what you no longer wish to see in your business and life.

Decide where you want to be and what you want to have achieved by the time it’s January 1.

Decide you will GO for it, no matter what.

And start GOING for it today. No reason to wait, right?

There’s still plenty of time to create wild and wonderful results this year.

All you have to do is decide that you will. And take the actions you need to make all of this happen.

You can do this!

And if you really want to kick ass in these final months of the year? Then join me in this online workshop.

(Check it out now. Because we all know what happens to those some-day-actions: they never happen. And nothing ever changes 😉


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