3 things you (really!) don't need to grow your business

On July 1, it was exactly 12 years ago I started my business.

And boy oh boy, I knew NOTHING about being an entrepreneur, marketing, sales, copywriting or anything else having to do with business.

I didn’t know anything about starting or growing a business.

I learned it all along the way, of course. (And deliberately unlearned a lot of what I learned again over time.)

The 3 things I share in this video are some of the things you DON’T need to grow your business:


You really don’t need them – even though at some point I used to think I did.

But now I know better 🙂

Enjoy the video!


P.S.: Here’s the link to that free gift I mention in the video. 

P.P.S.: Sorry about the poor quality (sound is good though). I think it’s my phone. Getting a new phone soon so hope that fixes it.


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