I recently talked to a woman who’s turning 60 this year, and who’s full of passion & fire to do everything in her own way and on her own terms now.

“Not going to hold back or adjust or play nice anymore,” she told me, “I’m just too old for that shit.”

I totally agree. AND I think life is too precious to tolerate any shit in general, regardless of your age.

This goes for any area of your life AND your biz.


Why should you put up with anything that doesn’t make you happy (or sometimes even makes you feel bad)?

I know why, of course. I’ve tolerated enough shit myself for various reasons:

  • Relationships that weren’t good for me (but apparently, I didn’t think I deserved better at the time);
  • Crappy quality clothes or office supplies (for fear of not having enough money to buy something more expensive. Or not having enough money, period.);
  • Jobs I hated that were not fulfilling and totally boring (but I had NO idea what I wanted to do instead, so I didn’t see any options or alternatives).


Accepting or tolerating anything that doesn’t make you happy ALWAYS comes from some kind of scarcity thinking:

You don’t think there’s another way. You’re not sure something better even exists. And if it does, you don’t believe that YOU can get (or deserve) something better.

So how do you change that?


How DO you stop tolerating any kind of shit in your life?

By being clear on what you no longer want.

And by deciding you’re NOT going to put up with it any longer.

Even when you don’t know what you want instead. Or if it’s even possible.


That’s exactly how I turned myself from a crappy hermit into a happy hermit:

I had NO idea if it was possible to run AND grow my business on an absolute maximum of 4 hours direct interaction per week.

But I HAD it with putting up with having too little time for myself.

So I decided to make. it. work. no. matter. what.

Even though I didn’t know how I could make it work.

Even though I wasn’t sure it was possible to make it work (in general AND for me).

And even though I didn’t understand how it’s possible to be a coach, love people, and have a purpose to change people’s lives – yet NOT wanting to be around people or coach them too often, ‘cause that not only totally drains me, but also makes me…well, kind of dislike people in general. Let’s stay nice here 😉

I just went for it and made it work.

And I lived into my own mantra that I had for years like never before:

There’s ALWAYS a way to do it YOUR way. Whatever ‘it’ is.

You may not get it now or any time soon. It may take time and a lot of hard work – both inner and outer work.


But if you REALLY go for it…there’s ALWAYS a way.

I still put up with things sometimes – it’s not like my entire life is sunshine and roses and everything always goes exactly as I want it.

But I certainly strive for it 😉


What shit are you tolerating in your life?

And in your biz?

And what would you love to have or experience instead?

Think about it. And GO for it.


There‘s always a way to do it YOUR way.

And life is too precious (and short) to put up with any shit.


©️ Brigitte van Tuijl


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