Your access point to the universal flow

I’m back at work after a 2-week vacation. During that time, I was totally & completely unplugged & offline: No smartphone. No computer. No email.

There were numerous voices in my head telling me it might be better to be online once a day.

Those voices came up with lots of ‘reasons’ why it wasn’t a good idea to be completely offline:

  • I have all kinds of things to promote, do and launch right now;
  • And even though I KNOW I don’t have to be ‘at work’ to make money (I have products & programs people can purchase and sign up for 24/7), I STILL have lingering beliefs you have to be DOING something to make money, or else nothing happens. (Which is only true if you have a job, or a business where you trade time for money. In my business model, this is not true. But it’s still something I have to consciously remind myself of regularly.)

I chose not to listen to these fear-based, scarcity-driven voices.

I chose to listen to the ONLY voice that ALWAYS tells my deepest truth instead:

The voice of my own inner guru. My intuition. My own deep, inner knowing of what it is I need in any given moment.

Because over the years, I have learned that the price of going against your own truth is too high. Always.

YOU have access to your own inner guru, too.

Your intuition always knows YOUR deepest truth.

It always knows your next best step. And always lets you know what YOU most need right now.


Honoring your own truth & wisdom is the best thing you can do for your business and life.

It’s the basis of doing life and business on your terms.

It’s the basis of living your dreams instead of your fears.

It’s the basis of living your purpose and honoring your calling.


It’s your point of access to the universal flow that arranges everything from the setting of the sun to the birthing of the stars – the same flow that creates a stream of miracles, synchronicities and magic in your life.

(Every. Single. Day.!!!)

Whatever you want to create, achieve, experience or manifest: your intuition ALWAYS knows your best next step.

And the universe ALWAYS brings you whatever you need: opportunities, ideas, inspiration, people, unexpected encounters, teachers, etc.


BUT – here’s the catch:

YOU have to determine what you really want.

And then YOU have to act upon the inspiration, ideas and opportunities the universe brings you, and the actions your intuition tells you to take.


That’s where it suddenly gets hard:

You’re not always willing to listen to your intuition, and act upon it.

Sometimes because you don’t rationally get why you ‘have’ to do something.

Sometimes because it scares you.

Sometimes because it seems counterintuitive.

Or because of whatever fear or doubt gets triggered by the truth your intuition whispers in your ear.


If you want to be true to yourself, honor your calling, live the life AND build the biz you TRULY desire…you need your intuition.

I know, I know, you’re not always sure if it’s really your intuition or your fear talking.

Or you’re not sure how to consciously access your intuition.


So start here:

By taking time each day, in silence, alone, to be aware of what you feel, what you need, what you want.

Just ASK yourself: what do I most want right now?

What do I most need right now?

What’s the most important thing I can do for my business and myself today?


The answers ALWAYS come.




That’s it.


And if you keep at it, manifesting anything becomes so much easier and more fun.

Your business will do better. Your life will be better. And you’ll FEEL better for sure.



© 2015 Brigitte van Tuijl



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