Growing your business doesn’t have to be an endless struggle. And you don’t have to suffer in exchange for success.

You CAN get the results you want, in the way that YOU want it.

These keys are crucial in building a biz you LOVE:

Key #1: Know this about yourself and your business:

  • What your true desire for your business is;
  • How you really want to live, and
  • Who you are & what fits you (and what doesn’t).

Sounds simple, yet most women aren’t clear on all 3 of the above.

Are you?

Are you sure your dream for your business is your own – and isn’t influenced or downsized by other people’s dreams and expectations?

Are you sure you didn’t censor your dreams – because you’re not sure if it’s possible at all, or for you?

Are you true to yourself in all aspects of your business? Or are you changing and adjusting who you are to please others? Or because you think you have to in order to find clients?

Key #2: Don’t settle

Don’t settle for anything less than what’s best for YOU:

Don’t settle for less than ideal clients.

For an assistant who keeps making mistakes and is not willing or able to deliver great work.

For a coach that’s not awesome, but merely ‘affordable’.

(Really. Don’t. Do without a coach until you’ve saved enough to hire one that’s perfect for what you need right now.)

Don’t settle for friends that don’t support you, or a partner who’s an asshole.

Don’t. Settle.

“The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settled for.” ~ Maureen Dowd

Key #3: Build your business around YOU.

If you want your business to make you happy, you have to make sure you do business on your terms.

Most women entrepreneurs don’t. Because they’re not sure what their terms are.

Or because they don’t know which of their terms are sacred and never to be compromised, and which are negotionable.

You have to know what you want, why you want it, and what you’re not willing to sacrifice in exchange for it.

And then, build your entire business around it:

Your business model. Your marketing. The way you deliver your programs and services. Who you work with. And who you can’t or won’t help.

(Just because you CAN help someone, doesn’t mean you HAVE to.)

Implement these keys, and you’ll love your business a hell of a lot more already.

Maybe that’s enough to feel truly happy with your business and life. Maybe you need more.

If so: GIVE yourself more. Why wouldn’t you?

Life is too short and too precious to settle for a business that doesn’t make you happy.

When you started your business, you wanted to feel happy and free in a business you love. Now allow yourself to have it.

© 2015 Brigitte van Tuijl

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