One of the things that really help you grow your business is: setting effective goals.

An effective goal (and by that I mean: a goal that helps you achieve what you really want) has to combine a lot of components:

  • You have to REALLY want it;
  • You have to be clear on what it is you want to achieve exactly;
  • It has to excite & stretch you, and
  • Be doable at the same time.

I don’t know about you, but I find it quite difficult to create goals like that.

My goals are either too stretchy, which paralyses me. Or too doable, which bores me. And when I pick something in between, it’s not really working for me either.

Somehow I never got it just right, and as a result my goals didn’t really work for me.

Until I read the book ‘Double Your Income Doing What You Love’ by Raymond Aaron.

In it, he gives the PERFECT solution for this too-stretchy-or-boring-goal-dilemma.

I started using his method a couple of years ago, and it works great for me.

Try it if you recognize this dilemma as well, or would like to enhance the effectivity (and fun!!) of your goals.

Here’s how it works – very simple & effective:

You break your intended goal into 3 levels of achievement or challenge.

Here’s how it’s explained in the book:

“The first level is The Minimum Level. In this subgoal, you record what you can be counted on the do…In other words, this will almost certainly get done…

The second level is called The Target Level. This is the stretch beyond what you’re confident you can do.

The third level is called The Outrageous Level. This is the goal you think you could not possibly achieve. This is wild – this is really *out there*.”

From ‘Double Your Income Doing What You Love’ by Raymond Aaron and Sue Lacher.

How great is that?!

You’ll ALWAYS achieve your Minimum level, which is doable and still gives you direction and focus.

You aim for your target, which stretches you.

And you go crazy on your outrageous level, which excites & ignites you, and makes you see more options & possibilities!

Try it for yourself; the results might surprise you (in a good way) too.


This week’s transformational action:

” A goal should scare you a little, and excite you a lot.”

Joe Vitale


Check the goals you set for yourself:

Are they a bit scary and exciting at the same time?

If not, try the 3-levels-of-achievement-technique I describe in this article.

You can create different levels based on numbers (income goals, or number of clients you’d like to serve).

You can also created different levels based on deadlines (for example: finish your book at the and of the year (minimum); finish it this summer (target); finish it this month (outrageous).

Play with it and go absolutely CRAZY on your outrageous goals.

You never know if you’ll achieve them….which does actually happen sometimes!

Maybe because, as Raymond Aaron says it in this book:

“It’s easier to hit an elephant than an ant.”

Let’s hit some elephants, baby 😉



© 2014 Brigitte van Tuijl


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