whatmakesdifferentA question I regularly ask my clients is: where are you holding back? What are you not sharing or saying?

The reason I ask this question, is that the answer(s) are usually the things that set you apart from other coaches.

The things that make you different and unique.

A lot of people find it very difficult to answer this question.

So I decided to ask MYSELF this question again, to see what showed up for me now. If anything – I’m pretty true to my real self already.

But guess what: I found two things I’ve been holding back on myself.

I’m sharing them with you now.

To show you I never ask you anything I’m not willing to do myself.

And to inspire you to see if YOU can take being authentic and true to yourself to the next level, too:

#1 I’m soooo much more woowoo than you know

The only people who really know this are my 1-1 clients. I use all my skills to help them get great results, and my spiritual tools and knowledge are an important part of that.

My intuition ALWAYS tells me what I need to do or say to serve my clients’ highest good.

I go with that flow and do what needs to be done. Sometimes we mend a hole in an aura, close an energy leak, remove an old energetic cord or clear a past life.

Sometimes I give someone a message from their spirit guide(s), and help them connect and communicate with their guide(s) themselves.

All in a days work, baby.

And I just as easily switch from cleaning your aura to telling you to get real and stop hiding behind excuses.

Which brings me to the second thing I’ve been holding back on until now:

#2: I’m much more outspoken and direct than I share in my marketing.

I’m not afraid to use the same language I use when I speak, including the occasional fuck, damn, bullshit and crap, in my writing and marketing.

I DO sometimes tone down my opinions, though, because I’m afraid it’s too harsh and outspoken and might hurt somebody.

Although I’m not even all that sure I really care about hurting others – I’m more scared of driving everybody away and not get any clients at all and dying miserable, broke and alone.

So basically, I’m only afraid it’ll hurt me – I’m not that bothered with others in this matter.

This is the exact kind of raw honesty – in this case directed at myself – I tend to tone down in my writing and marketing.

And here is something I don’t flat out say about others – even though I wholeheartedly believe it:

I don’t normally say that women coaches who are people pleasers in their personal life, undermine their power as a coach if they take that bad habit into their coaching:

If you’re not willing to tell your client something they need (but not necessarily want) to hear, you’re not being the best coach you can be.

And you’re not helping your clients get the best possible results.

So there you go.

These are two sides of me I used to hold back on – until now.

Because this is who I am. As a woman, as a coach, and as an entrepreneur.

Back to you  🙂

What are YOU not sharing or saying? And when (and how) will you start doing it anyway?

Let’s all drop everything we’re not. And embrace everything we are.

It’s the way to shine, set yourself and your business apart, and fulfill your potential to its fullest.

Be YOU to the max, baby!


© 2015 Brigitte van Tuijl


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