xx-ezine-standoutYou probably know it’s important to set your business apart. And you probably wonder HOW you can do that.

These 3 tips help you on your way. They’re not complicated. All you have to do is implement them:

Tip #1: Is there something that you COULD be sharing and make visible, that you’re hiding right now?

An opinion you have? A story you think your potential clients will relate to…but you feel a bit awkward sharing it? Are you too modest when it comes to showing your expertise? Are you in the spiritual closet? Anything else come to mind you’re not sharing or holding back on?

If so, what is it? And how could you make it visible?

Tip #2: Before you send your email or newsletter, post that blog or Facebook update:

Is this really YOU speaking? Are you using your own language? Or are you censoring yourself or holding something back?

Make changes if necessary so you sound like yourself.


xx-ezine-bonusBonus Tip:


Sometimes it helps to record yourself, and type it out afterwards.

It’s easier to write like you talk that way. (Just make some edits for readability.)


Tip #3: Is there something you would LOVE to do in your business, just for the fun of it?

Did you ever have a goofy idea that you thought would be really fun…but your rational mind (or a rational friend. Or critic. Or business coach.) talked you out of it? Because it wasn’t directly related to getting clients, or making money, or growing your list, or didn’t fit into your business model or…..

But the idea comes back every now and then?

Yeah… that idea?

GO for it. Just do it!

For the fun of it. For the joy of it. For the excitement of it. To get your creative juices flowing. The more it flows, the more it flows, right? 😉


Some examples:

xx-ezine-applepieMaybe you feel like making a video on baking a crazy delicious apple pie.

But you’re a career coach who teaches people how to find a job using social media. Not really related to baking apple pies.

But you WANT to! Because you just FEEL like it! Go for it now…


xx-ezine-claypuppetsMaybe you like to make little clay puppets.

And you often thought: wouldn’t it be fun to take pictures of them and post those pictures on my blog? And share them on Twitter?

But you’re a business coach who helps people get clients. Which has nothing to do with puppets. But you WANT to! Because you FEEL like it!

Well…guess what: you can just GO for it now!

Feel which of these tips resonates most with you right now.

And…go for it!


© 2015 Brigitte van Tuijl


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