ImpossibleLet’s first establish if you’re currently playing (too) small.

Playing small is not just about numbers. You can make enough money and still play too small.

You can be very busy and not know how to handle one more client without burning out…and still play too small.

So answer these questions truthfully first:

1. I have all the clients I want and need. Y/N

2. I make all the money I want & need (or more). Y/N

3. I feel like I’m living up to my full potential, and that of my business as well. Y/N (Before you say YES…are you sure?)

4. I know what I truly want to achieve in my business and life, and I am actively pursuing these dreams, goals and desires Y/N  (Before you say yes: really? No secret dreams, hidden desires, or goals you’re not working on for whatever reason or excuse?)

5. I feel excited and fulfilled about my business, the goals I’m working on, and the results I get. Y/N

Answered ‘yes’ to all 5 questions?

Without feeling any doubt or hesitation?Congratulations: you’re living up to your potential AND are stretching yourself to the extent that is best for YOU.

Answered ‘yes’ to 4 questions or less?

You’re playing too small – whether it’s a little or a lot, there’s room for improvement for you.

(Don’t worry, you’re in excellent company: there’s room for improvement for me in this area, too 😉 )

Here are 3 common reasons women coaches play too small – and how to fix it:


Reason #1: Not making yourself visible enough.

The problem: your potential clients can’t find you because they don’t know you exist or what you could help them with.

The solution: choose one or two marketing strategies that are a good fit for you, and are aligned with your talents, personality, values and style. Use those strategies consistently, in whatever frequency works for you and your potential clients.

Don’t do things you hate or aren’t aligned with who you are & what you believe in – it won’t work for you.


Reason #2: You’re not following your true dreams.

The problem: You don’t know what your true dreams and desires are. Or you DO know, but for whatever reason you’re not manifesting them. Maybe you don’t know where to start, or your dream feels too big and scary.

The solution: Get clear on your deepest desires. Take them seriously. Feel what it is you most want to achieve and contribute to with your business.

Find out what you want and why it matters to you.

Deep down, you already know. Allow yourself to dream, and dream as big as you like. Decide to take yourself, your life, and your dreams seriously enough to find a way to manifest them. Find help if you don’t know where to start or follow through. You don’t have to do it all by yourself.


Reason #3: You’re afraid of success. Or failure. Or both.

The problem: You imagine all kinds of bad things that could or might happen when you fail. OR when you succeed. You’re not even always consciously aware of these fears. But they scare you so much, that you (un)consciously decide to just stay where you’re at and not go for it.

The solution: Focus on your dreams and goals, and why they matter to you. FEEL it. In your bones. In your soul. In your heart.

FEEL how much you want this.

Get excited about manifesting and achieving it. Keep bringing yourself back to these feelings every time you start to doubt or step back again.

Hire a coach to hold the space for you, to empower you, support you, and call you on your crap.

“Our dreams are meant to come true, you know. What would be the purpose of dreaming if we could not fulfill our dreams?”

~ Gautama Chopra

Keep on dreaming AND acting upon them 😉

© 2015 Brigitte van Tuijl


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