Use these questions for every single goal or result you want to achieve.

It will make a HUGE difference. Try it!Question Box

  1. WHY I want to create this

Write down why it matters to you: what will it bring you? What will you feel? What can you experience? What becomes possible?


  1. How I need to BE to create this

List the top 1-3 things you need to BE, for example: confident / creative / inspired / open…


  1. What I need to let go of

Thoughts / habits / beliefs / patterns / stuff / people………make a list first, and then pick the MOST important one.


  1. New things I welcome into my life to create what I want

What new thoughts / habits / practices / behavior etc. will help you create this specific goal? Make a list first, and then pick the MOST important one.


 Finally, come up with 1-3 supportive actions, habits or practices to take daily or weekly – actions that support you in manifesting this specific goal based on the answers you gave above.

For example:

If you need to let go of a habit of checking your email and social media all the time, a supporting habit could be to only check twice a day, and set a timer to keep you focused.

If you want to let go of self-doubt, you can add a daily practice of writing down 5 things you did well that day.

If you want to step into your power more, you can add a habit of asking yourself this question before you take any kind of action or make any decision:

What would I do if I completely owned and embraced my full power right now?

It takes a bit of time to answer these questions and come up with supporting habits.

But it’s well worth it: it saves you loads of time and energy along the way. And gets you better results for sure.

Try it and experience it for yourself.

Good luck!



Thoughts, questions, comments? You can post them below. Thanks!







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