When people hear about my weekly schedule, and how I never make more than 4 appointments per week (and usually less), they often react like this:

“Oooohhhhhh!!!! I want that too!!!!”

My reaction to this is always the same:


“No, you don’t.”

Which is usually true.

Not because I know what’s best for others. (Although…..no, just kidding 😉 )

But because I know that most people:

  • Aren’t as much of a hermit as I am, and
  • Need waaaayyyyy more live interaction with other people than I do to feel happy, healthy, and alive.

I also know why people think this is what they want, too.


It’s because most people, ESPECIALLY women entrepreneurs:

  • Are way, way, WAY too busy;
  • Don’t have enough time for themselves;
  • Don’t have enough quiet time;
  • Don’t have enough space in their business, life, and schedule;
  • Don’t have enough time to focus on what REALLY matters most to them.

(If they even know what matters most to them. And if they don’t, they don’t know where to start to find out, or feel they have no time to find out.)


What resonates when they hear my story, is that they want more time, more freedom, more spaciousness in their business and life.

They want to do business and live life on their terms, too.

They ache for it. They long for it. But they don’t know where to start.


Any of this resonates with you?

Then start here:

Take 10 minutes each day just for YOU.

(More if you can.)

(And don’t tell me you don’t have 10 minutes. Really? Is there NO WAY you can create 10 minutes for YOU? Are all of your 24 hours filled with super important things that cannot wait and all have priority and must be done and must be done by YOU and you alone?)

Write in your journal. Sit still and do nothing. Make art.

Do something that nourishes your soul. YOUR soul – not someone else’s.


This is Your Sacred Time.

No phone. No distractions. The whole world and everybody and their brother can do without you for 10 minutes.


Use this time to contemplate what you want YOUR business and life to look like.

Also be present and aware throughout the day. Do one thing at a time. Give it your full attention.

You’ll immediately feel less overwhelmed, less frazzled, more connected and in control. Even without changing your schedule.

Once you’re more connected to yourself and what it is you truly want (which WILL become clear if you take the time to reflect on and feel into it), you can begin to create a schedule, a business, and a life that are a perfect match for YOU.


Your ideal life will look totally different than mine.

Which is exactly what it’s all about for you:

To know what YOU want, and to find a way to make that happen.

Regardless of what anybody else around you wants or does.


And it all starts with this simple first step:

Take 10 minutes a day just for YOU. And take it from there.


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