stoppng1. Giving up on your dreams. (Or ignoring them. Or denying them.)

2. Ignoring your intuition.

3. Hiding your brilliance.

4. Stepping back the moment things start taking off.

5. Not shining your light.

6. Compromising on anything your soul craves; you believe in & stand for; or anything you truly want or need.

7. Apologizing for who you are & what you do. (Unless you’ve acted like a real asshole. In that case: apologize. Other than that: stop it.)

8. Let fear, worry or anxiety rule your life instead of your soul. (Choose faith over fear as often as you can. Even when you’re scared shitless. Especially when you’re scared shitless.)

9. Undercharging.

10. Saying ‘yes’ to things you really don’t want.

11. Saying ‘no’ to things you really DO want.

12. Pushing, struggling, and working too hard. (Instead of going with the flow and taking inspired actions only.)

13. Changing who you truly are – because you think you have to in order to get what you really want. (It never works. And it’s never necessary. You are enough. In business. And life.)


© 2015 Brigitte van Tuijl


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