Are you tired of everything you think you should & must do to grow your business?One Day

But you think that’s just part of the business game? (Or you really hope there’s another way, a better way…..but you’re just not sure HOW?)

You’re not alone.

Lots of people struggle with it. I used to struggle with it myself as well.

Not anymore, thankfully. Because I finally found a way to do business my own way, on my own terms for 100% in 2013.

Despite my seemingly weird combination of my mission, desires, personality and ideal lifestyle.

(I’m a hermit coach who loves working with people – for an absolute maximum of 4 hours direct interaction per week. AND I want to grow my business and reach substantially, globally – without leaving my house or working harder. To give you just one example 🙂

The question EVERYONE has when they hear about this is:

How did you do it?!?  How the heck were you able to build your business around THAT?!?

Lots of steps are involved in this process, of course.

But the very first and VERY important step is quite simple. It’s actually so easy you can take it right now!

This is it:

Draw a line in the sand, and decide you’re going to grow your business on your own terms without ever compromising on anything you deeply love, need and believe in ever again.

No matter what.

Even if you’re not sure HOW to do that right now.

Even when it scares you.

And even when you’re not sure it’s really possible.

Don’t let the simplicity of this step fool you!

It’s INCREDIBLY powerful. It changes everything. It changed everything for me. And I’ve seen it change everything for my clients as well.

The trick is to really mean it, though. To commit to it. To make this a Sacred Promise to yourself.

And even better: to NOT keep it a secret, but to share it with others, too.

Here’s the best way to create your own Declaration of Happiness & Freedom:

1. Think about the ONE thing you’re sick & tired of most.

2. Decide how you want to feel instead.

3. Promise yourself to go for it no matter what, despite your fears & doubts & the questions you have.

I created my own Declaration of Happiness & Freedom in November 2012:

I decided to stop being a crappy hermit and start being a happy hermit: successful, abundant & totally free.

I didn’t know if it was really possible. Or how I could make it work.

But I swore I would MAKE IT WORK, no matter what.

Because I wasn’t happy in my business.

And life is too short to tolerate a business (or life!) that sucks you dry and leaves you tired, empty, worn out and not feeling good, fulfilled or free.

I’m so happy I worked it out, and created the business and life I always dreamed of in 2013.

And I taught a lot of my clients to create the business they’ve always dreamed of too.

Is it always easy?


Do you have to work for it?


Is it doable?

Hell yes! And SO worth it.

It makes you feel happier (LOTS!).

And it’s good for business, too. You’ll easily stand out and attract even more of your ideal clients – so you can have more impact, and make a bigger difference (and yes, more money too).

Take some time to create your very own Declaration of Happiness & Freedom too.

Feel it, promise it, own it…and then go out and make it happen.

You can do it!!


© 2014 Brigitte van Tuijl


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