Stand out from the crowdDo you sometimes worry about the competition? Wonder if anyone is waiting for what you have to offer? Or wonder why people should hire YOU instead of someone else?

We all have these doubts sometimes. Myself included.

There are thousands of coaches who offer the same kind of programs you are. To the same audience. Addressing the same issues or problems.

The marketplace is VERY crowded.

Lots of coaches are just as good and experienced as you are. (Or better. And more experienced). And loads of them are marketing themselves in the same ways you are.

So how DO you stand out? How can your ideal clients find YOU?

The answer is, to make the most of the ONE thing you have that NO ONE else in the entire world has:


The real you. ALL of you:

Your talents. Your brilliance. Your expertise. And imperfections.

Your sense of humor. The things you love. And the things you hate.

Your opinions and ideas. The things you know. And don’t know.

Your expertise. And what you’re still learning.

Your power. And your vulnerability.

Your uniqueness. And the things that make you one of us.

It’s a cliché, I know, but SO true that I’m using it anyway:

You. Are. Unique.

There’s only one of you in the whole wide world. (Not counting the other you’s in parallel universes, of course. Let’s keep it simple.)

You are unique.

And when you are yourself (your REAL self, not some adjusted, watered down, trying to please everybody – version of yourself) in every aspect of your business, you automatically stand out.

Your ideal clients resonate with you. (And the people who don’t will simply go away – which is perfect. You’re not meant to serve them anyway.)

Your ideal clients recognize you as a kindred spirit, who understands them, who is just like them – only a couple of steps ahead of them.

And they want to work with you, because they KNOW you’re the one who can help them.

In theory, it’s this simple.

If you know who you are, what you’re good at, and what you’re absolutely BRILLIANT at.

When you don’t hide your talents or your YOU-ness, but own it and show it.

When you shine. As bright as you can.

That’s where it gets complicated – especially for women.

They’re not sure what they’re good at, or feel uncomfortable talking about it.

They don’t feel comfortable claiming and showing their expertise.

They’re afraid to be criticized or rejected if they are true to themselves.

And they find it very hard to believe that they are truly unique and have great value to offer – by simply being who they really are.

But it’s true:

The more you are YOU, the more you stand out. And the easier it is for your ideal clients to find you.

You don’t have to do all kinds of crazy things (that you don’t even want to do) just so people will notice you.

And you most definitely do not have to change who you are to find more clients.

Are you being as YOU as you can be?

Or could you become even more YOU in some (or all) aspects of your business?

Ask yourself this question even when you’re already pretty true to yourself.

There’s always a next step you can take to become even more you, and to make your business an even more beautiful reflection of who you really are.

Shine on, baby! 🙂


P.S. Not sure how to stand out from the crowd?

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© 2014 Brigitte van Tuijl



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