11th Anniversary poster/template design in retro style-Vector

On July 1, I celebrated the 11th anniversary of my business.

To celebrate this with you now, I’m giving you a gift:

The audio-lesson ‘Fuck the Fear!’ I created for The Freedom Circle (an online program for women entrepreneurs who want learn to grow their business on their own terms, without compromising or sacrificing anything.)

As the title kind of tells you already, this lesson is all about learning how to overcome your fears & doubts.

If you learn that skill (yep, it’s a learnable skill), nothing can stop you or hold you back in your business.

Or life.

This lesson is normally only available to members of The Freedom Circle.

But for a short period of time, it is my gift to you.

It’s available until September 6th, so don’t wait too long to sign up for it.

I hope you enjoy the lesson, and it helps you kick some fears in the butt 😉


Sorry, this free gift is no longer available.

Need help moving forward despite your fears & doubts? Feel stuck and don’t know how to move on? Ready to GO for that next level in your business – even when you’re not sure what that looks like exactly? 

A Free Breakthrough Session with me might be your answer. You can read all about & apply for a spot here. 










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