PLEASE NOTE: This is an OLD blog.

I wrote it back when I was still setting goals and still made plans.

I no longer do that. 

Here’s a podcast about why you DON’T have to set goals (and how goals can work against you.) 

Here’s a podcast where I share why I no longer make business plans (and what you do when you no longer follow a plan).

Of course, if setting goals works well for you AND you enjoy setting & pursuing them, by all means, keep setting goals!

They absolutely work—just not always for me.

If you still enjoy goals, the article below might be of value to you.



This time of year is the perfect time to review your goals, and see if you’re on track.

I’ve been reviewing my own goals last week, and I have some mixed feelings about it.

Some goals are going great, but others….not so much.

That’s no problem though – there’s plenty of time to Face It & Fix It 😉

These are the steps I take to make sure I WILL reach my goals this year – they might help you too:

Step #1: Face It
Take inventory. Review every goal you set for your business and personal life.

How are you doing with each of those? Did you reach them yet?

If so: woohoo! Celebrate! If not: how far along are you?


Step #2: Check Your Goals

Take a look at the goals you haven’t reached yet. Do you still want this? Does it still excite you?


Make sure you still want to accomplish each and every one of these goals.

And when I say ‘want to’, I mean to be SO over the moon excited, it almost makes you burst out of your skin.

It’s OK if it scares you. It’s OK if you don’t know where to start. It’s OK if you doubt if you can actually do this.

As long as you REALLY, REALLY want it.

It’s also OK if you don’t want it anymore.

Either adjust your goal until you’re in love with it again. And if there’s nothing to adjust and you simply don’t want it anymore, just dump it.

It’s a dead goal; you’ll never reach it; and it won’t fulfill you or bring you any joy.


Step #3: Check Your Obstacles

Can you think of any obstacles that might get in the way of reaching those goals?

Write down everything you can think of.

Some people see no obstacles at all, others can think of 25 things that could possibly hold them back.

Just be honest – no point in fooling yourself.

When you can’t think of anything anymore, narrow your list down to a minimum of 1, and a maximum of 3 obstacles that are most likely to get in your way.


Step #4: Prepare To Prevent

What can you do to prevent those obstacles from happening?

How you can get yourself back on track if they DO show up?

What do you need? Who can help? What action or practice will support you, inspire you, and help you stay focused & motivated?

Think about it, brainstorm on it, ask your intuition for insights & tips, and write everything down.

Thinking about solutions and writing them down BEFORE you need them, is incredibly helpful.

Try it: it’s a super powerful tool that makes it a lot easier to reach your goals.


Step #5: Plan & Take Action

The final step: make a plan. Take action. And stick to it until you’ve reached your goals.


Don’t forget to enjoy your journey & be happy right here, right now.

Yes, you’re setting goals because you’re ambitious, you want things, and you’ll be really really happy when you achieve them.

But if you can’t be happy until you’ve reached your goals, you’re missing out on life.

And you’ll probably NEVER feel happy & fulfilled, because there’s always a next goal. And a next.

So don’t forget to enjoy yourself, to relax, and to feel grateful and happy with everything that’s going well in your business and life already.


© 2014 Brigitte van Tuijl


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