booksMany years ago,I thought marketing was very un-spiritual.

I drew a strict line between what I thought was spiritual (inner work; meditation; healing; everything is energy; etcetera), and what I thought was not (marketing; selling; money; etcetera)

I also believed that everything ‘spiritual’ was better and more pure than anything that was un-spiritual. (How prejudiced and judgmental of me…)

Today, I don’t believe this anymore.

If everything is energy and all is one, this automatically includes money, doing business, marketing and sales.

Everything just IS – and whether that’s good or bad depends on what you do with it, and how you react to it.

Here’s why I’m sharing this with you now:

Because a lot of people have the same belief that marketing is not spiritual – especially entrepreneurs who do some kind of spiritual or intuitive work OR who are interested in spirituality and intuition.

This limiting belief about marketing and spirituality is holding them back and working against them in their business – and they’re struggling as a result.

I KNOW you can transform this belief, because I’ve transformed it in myself, and helped others transform it as well.

And once you transform this belief, you are free to make a bigger difference in the lives of more people. (And yes, you’ll make more money too.)

These books helped and inspired me transform my thoughts about marketing, money and selling. Maybe they’ll inspire you too:

spiritualmarketingBook #1: Spiritual Marketing – Joe Vitale

I don’t remember what the book is about. But I still remember how the title struck me like lightning. Spiritual? Marketing? Are you KIDDING me?

I just had to read it. Seeing this title alone helped me shift my thoughts about marketing.

A quote from the book:

“I’ve learned that we are human beings, not human doings.

When you reach a clear inner state of being about your service to the world, the world will come to you.”

You can purchase the book “Spiritual Marketing” here

spiritual sellingBook #2: Spiritual Selling – Joe Nunziata

Another combination of words I would NOT have put together in one sentence many years ago. (And another Joe 😉

This book talks just as easily about sales methods and tracking your numbers, as it does about clearing your chakras and maintaining your energy.

A quote from the book:

“In the world of sales your energy vibration is extremely important. You are attracting opportunities and clients based on the energy you exude.

If you study your relationships with current clients, you can learn how you feel about yourself.”

You can purchase the book “Spiritual Selling” here

This week’s transformational action:

Is there any part of you that believes marketing, selling, doing business, money (or all of them) are un-spiritual?

If so, how does this belief serve you? Just ask yourself:

  • How does it serve my business?
  • How does it affect the impact I want to have?
  • How does it serve my happiness, joy, and peace of mind?

If you are absolutely certain that holding on to this belief makes you truly happy and fulfilled: hold on to it.

If you are not that sure it serves you anymore (or if you already know that it’s causing struggles): change it.

Start by deciding you’ll change it, and take it from there.

Once you DECIDE, the universe will bring you the opportunities, people, or whatever else you need to step into a new perspective and a new version of yourself.

Enjoy your journey! 😉


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