ID-10069551No matter how you market your business, these steps will enhance the effect of it:

Step #1: Put your heart & soul in it

Before you do any marketing at all, connect to your love and enthusiasm for whatever it is you sell or deliver first.

Feel why you care and what you care about.

Focus on this connection, this feeling, when you work on your marketing.

People will feel always feel this, and your ideal clients will resonate with it.

Step #2: Choose strategies and actions that are a perfect fit to you

Strategies and actions you strongly dislike won’t work for you. Your resistance to this particular action will somehow shine through, and work as a client-repellant.

That’s not very effective.

Choose strategies and actions you like (or at least not totally hate). Make sure your marketing represents who you are and what you believe in.

This will resonate with your ideal clients, and make it easier to attract them to you.


Step #3: Screw the rules

Don’t focus on what you think you should do, what everybody else is doing, or what others tell you to do.

Trust your gut more than you trust others.

Some rules are only rules because people blindly keep following them.

Other rules are rules because they really are effective.

Using one call to action in your copy, for example, will usually work. It’s a good rule to follow.

But there are always exceptions to every rule.

So play with it. Find out what you like, and what works for you. Experiment.

The more you focus on rules & shoulds, do’s & don’ts, the more marketing (And business. And life in general.) becomes a prison.

Not a very good atmosphere to enjoy yourself and come up with fun and creative ideas.

I’m not going to follow the ‘just do one call to action rule’ now myself. I’m gonna make two 😉


Thoughts? Ideas? Additional suggestions on improving your marketing? Please post in the comments below, I’d love to read it!


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