CubesSometimes you don’t seem to get good results, no matter how hard you try.

You’re doing what you’re supposed to do, but somehow it just doesn’t work.

Very frustrating – especially when you don’t know what’s wrong or how to fix it.

Maybe one of these surprising things are blocking your flow and success:

Success block #1 – the downside of getting what you want

You may SAY you want to be successful, grow your business, and get more clients …

But do you REALLY want that, without ANY doubts at all?

Don’t dismiss this question too soon.

I’ve been coaching people for over a decade now, and I have seen that EVERY dream, wish or goal has AT LEAST one possible downside attached to it.

Most downsides disappear when you look at them or question them.

But you have to be aware of them first.

A possible downside of getting more clients (and one I hear a lot) is for example:

That you have to work too hard and won’t have any time left for yourself.

Ask yourself:

What could be a negative consequence of getting what you want?

Do you really believe this will happen?

If so, how could you solve or prevent this?

Success block #2 – not receiving

Creating success is not just something you DO. It is also something you ALLOW.

You have to be open to receive success, and to allow good things to happen to you.

Are you open to receive? Do you notice and celebrate the success you already have?

Are you willing to see yourself as successful? Do you allow yourself to experience success and enjoy it?

When you energetically close the door to success, it cannot come to you. And when it does, you won’t see or be able to receive it.

Ask yourself if you’re really, truly open to receive success or whatever else you wish for. Ask yourself what it takes to open up if you’re not.

Your intuition will tell you the answer. Make sure you’re quiet enough to hear it.

Success block #3 – resistance

Anything you resist blocks your flow and drains your energy. The more you resist, the more your flow is blocked.

Things you resist can vary from making a phone call to raising your price to asking for help.

Sometimes all it takes to overcome your resistance is to take a deep breath and just DO it.

Other times it’s more difficult.

Whatever you resist and whatever it takes to overcome it: do it. You will feel SO much lighter and better, I promise!

Is there something you resist? And what would it take for you to do it anyway?

I know this can be scary. But I also know it is SO worth it.

Ask for help from a friend, coach, mentor or healer if you feel you can’t do it alone.

Overcoming your resistance is such an important key in getting more success and better results.

And it will hugely increase your level of joy and happiness too!

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