Young woman choose clothes in wardrobe at homeSo many people live in a closet. You may be too, without even knowing it.

It’s time to come out. For many reasons I’ll explain later on.

But first:

Some closets lots of heart-centered, mission-driven entrepreneurs are in:

The spiritual closet

I was in that one for a looong time. Afraid people would think I was woo woo and weird. Turns out I’m not the only entrepreneur who was in that closet. SO many entrepreneurs are still in it.

(These days, the spiritual stuff is part of ALL of my programs. I even have a program, Business Magic, that’s TOTALLY about your intuition and co-creating with the universe. Who’d have thought 🙂 )

The money closet

Money. A hard subject for lots of entrepreneurs.

When your main drive to be in business is to change the world (which is the case for all mission-driven entrepreneurs), and especially when your services include some kind of spiritual or intuitive stuff, money all of a sudden becomes a dirty word.

Which is a problem for those people who are spiritual AND want to be rich. They think it’s not done, and hide that desire. They’re too afraid others will criticize or even attack them for it. They get in the money closet and deny their desire.

The What-Will-Others-Think-Of-This-Closet

Hello, and welcome to this overcrowded closet that most of mankind is hiding in.

I don’t think there’s anyone alive today who is not ashamed of ANYTHING, does not feel guilty about ANYTHING, and is NEVER EVER worried about what others may think of them, their work, their clothes, their hair, their attitude, their opinion, their brother in jail, their sister with a mental disease, what kind of mother they are, what kind of entrepreneur they are….etc.etc.

So why is it such a bad thing to be in a closet?

First of all, it doesn’t feel good.

Second of all, it is a HUGE energy drain – you always have to be careful about what you say or do, so others won’t find out who you really are behind that closet door.

Thirdly, it’s bad for business. So many people are afraid or ashamed of the exact same thing that makes them unique, different & stand out. Things that not just make YOU stand out, but your business as well.

And simply because ‘being in a closet is no way to live’ as Ash Beckham says in this incredibly powerful talk.*

Be unapologetically YOU – (ESPECIALLY YOU WOMEN – stop apologizing for everything and anything!!!)

I came out of the spiritual closet, out of my hermit closet, and out of the money closet: yes, my main drive and motivation is to change the world, AND yes, I’d love to get rich as a result of it.




* You can watch it here:




What closet will YOU get out of? I’m curious! Just post below and you are OUT 🙂

And feel free to post other comments or thoughts as well; I’d love to know what you think!


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