xxezine-sellingwithheartRecently I interviewed Lianne Ebbinkhuijsen on selling from your heart.

She’s an international presentations coach, sales mentor, speaker, and founder of the Easy Influence Academy.

I believe she is the best expert there is on selling and speaking from your heart.

Which is why I asked her to deliver a master class in my program ‘Easy Breezy Marketing – Get More Clients, Fun & Money by Doing it YOUR way’.

In today’s interview she shares part of her wisdom with us already.

This is an excerpt* from that interview:

Brigitte: What do you see is the biggest struggle that people have when it comes to selling?

Lianne: What I see is that entrepreneurs constantly find themselves in some kind of conflict. They want to sell because they want to have the clients. They want to make money, and they want to thrive.

At the same time, they hate it or they judge selling because they envision it as something that is pushy. They have one foot on the gas and one foot on the brake.

The result of that is that nothing happens, or it’s not enough.

We end up frustrated because our business won’t take off.

Yes, we have a mission and a big why, but the vehicle to manifest that is through our business. And the day-to-day truth is that in any business, we need cash. Period.

This struggle can only end when you are willing to explore, in my view, how sales and marketing really work, so that you know why it is important to do certain things in such a way so that it feels aligned with your values, and so that your inner critic can back off.

Because I believe that this inner critic is the real reason why marketing and sales can feel yucky and hard to do.

Brigitte: What you’re saying is that if you align it with who you really are and you’re authentic, transparent, honest and yourself, then it doesn’t feel “Yuck!” anymore, and you can sell from your heart.

Lianne: Exactly.

Brigitte: What do you see is the biggest mistake people make when it comes to sales?

Lianne: You may have heard of it before, but it’s still the number one mistake I see people make. Entrepreneurs talk too much about how they work, their techniques and modalities, like NLP or software X, and not what the results will be from working together.

A client needs to see how his or her life or business will change, instead of hearing that you use Software X. You have to talk more about the results that your clients get from working with you.

Brigitte: Do you have a tip for us that enhances the effectiveness of selling?

Lianne: Yes. What I always teach my clients is when they need to sell their idea, either one-on-one or from the stage, that it is vital to establish the so-called gap.

You establish this gap when you talk about where your potential client is now, what kind of pain they have, and where this prospective client wants to be. Really spell out what would be possible with your work or with your solution. The more you ask questions around those two areas in a sales conversation, or the more you talk about those two areas when you’re doing a presentation, the more attractive you become.

Brigitte: You’ll be delivering a master class for the participants of Easy Breezy Marketing called “Three Simple Strategies that Supercharge Your Sales Without Being Salesy.” Can you give a hint on what you’ll be teaching us?

Lianne: Sure. What I’ll be teaching are really practical communication strategies. You’ll get good examples of how to establish that gap I talked about, and the kind of language that makes you powerful and attractive for your clients. They are really powerful tools.

Brigitte: Thank you, Lianne!

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