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Marketing is what makes you visible for your ideal clients, so they even know you exist (and how you can help them).

But that’s not all marketing is. It can be so much more. And if you start looking at it like that, it becomes easier to market your business (and who knows, you may even start liking it!)

Marketing is also a way to:

#1: Spread your message

Are you in business to bring change, help people, and make a difference? If you are, you have a mission. And if you have a mission, you have a message. Your message in itself can change and transform people’s lives. You can use marketing as a vehicle to spread your message – and it can benefit lots of people.

#2: Have impact

This is a direct result of spreading your message: when your marketing itself is used to share knowledge and value, people can use it to transform their lives. That way, your marketing has impact. And it makes a difference.

#3: Teach you new skills

Before you can market your business, you have to learn how it works – and why. Most entrepreneurs don’t know  this when they start their business. They have to learn (new) skills, like copywriting, speaking, or how to deliver teleseminars.

#4: Use, train & grow your talents and natural skills

What are your natural talents? If you like writing and are good at it, you can benefit from this in your marketing, for example by writing blogs, articles and books.

This way, you’ll train your writing skills as well.

#5 Personal growth and even healing

Any fears or doubts you have about yourself, your business, your abilities or your offers get triggered in marketing. The same goes for any fears or issues you have with visibility, money, being criticized or being true to who you are and what you believe in.

If you want your marketing to be effective (or market your business at all…), you have to address these issues. 

This results in personal growth and even healing.

For me, learning about marketing and making myself visible helped me heal one of my biggest, deepest fears:

That it’s not safe for me to be totally myself in my business and even the world; to be visible; and to show up as my whole self, including my power.

(A LOT of entrepreneurs who are also healers and/or do deeply spiritual work have this same, deep rooted fear! They’re not always consciously aware of it, but I see it in a lot of my clients.

If you felt intuitively nudged to read this blog, take a moment to ask yourself if you perhaps have this fear as well. It CAN be healed, and you CAN get over it, once you’re aware of it. So take a moment to ask your intuition, soul or higher self if this fear is holding you back as well.)

Marketing can be so much more than a way to grow your business, impact and reach.

What else could marketing mean to YOU?

I’d love to hear what you think – you can post your comments below. Thanks!



P.S.: Does marketing feel like a struggle? Do you dislike or resist it? Or aren’t you getting the results you crave, despite doing exactly what the gurus tell you?

The answer is to learn exactly how to market in YOUR own way: to pick & create strategies that fit you like a glove; to learn how to conjure up your marketing mojo; to create your own inspiring marketing mindset; to show up as yourself and be true to who you are and everything you believe in; and much more.

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