There are many marketing strategies to choose from to get more clients.

Networking, speaking, blogging, newsletters, Social Media, video’s, podcasts….to give you some examples.

Some people say strategy A works best. Others say you should definitely choose strategy B.

It doesn’t matter what you choose – there are other factors that are FAR more important than the marketing strategy you use to attract more clients.

When you want your marketing to be effective, you need to pay attention to these three very important factors.


Each of them either attracts clients OR repels them:


Factor #1: the energy & feeling behind your marketing

Your feelings, thoughts and beliefs are energy. And this energy reaches your (potential) clients just as much as your words and actions do.


What is your deepest feeling you have when you take any kind of marketing action?

Is it desperation, because you need clients this minute?

If so, this despair will drive your clients away. They pick up on it.

Some people pick up on it consciously: they can read your despair between the lines.

Others don’t – but they DO feel that something is off.

As a result they are not attracted to you – even though they don’t know why that is.


No matter how clever your marketing strategy is or how brilliantly written your newsletter, it won’t get you many clients if you come from a place of fear and hopelessness.

Be aware of how you feel. And make sure you’re in a good and positive vibration BEFORE you take ANY (marketing) action in the outside world.


Factor #2: choose a strategy YOU love

As I mentioned before, there are many marketing strategies to choose from. They all work.


But not every strategy works for YOU.

If you don’t like the strategy and it isn’t a good match for your personality, interests, style etc. it will not work for you.


I can go to networking-events until I’m blue in the face but it will NEVER work for me.



Because I HATE it.

I hate crowds, the noise of all those people talking and laughing and I HATE small talk. I like to connect to people one on one, and have a real, meaningful conversation with them.

I know, you can do that on a networking event as well. But I don’t like being there.

So it doesn’t work for me, ’cause all I want to do when I’m at a networking event is get the hell out of there.


If you’re using one or more marketing strategies you hate, I suggest you either find a way to love it, or dump it.

It won’t work. Focus on something you love instead, which is way more fun AND gets you much better results.


Factor #3: be true to who you really are

Speak YOUR truth – not someone else’s. Take a stand. Speak your mind. Let me see who you are – who you REALLY are.

What do you believe in? What lights you up? What do you deeply care about?

WHY do you do what you do?


Share this with others – ESPECIALLY in your marketing.

Let people see who you are and what you believe in. Then they will instantly know if they want to hire you or buy from you – or not.


Yes, some people will like you and yes, others won’t.

So what?

Your job is NOT to get everyone to like you.


(NO, you were NOT born to make others like you!!!)

You are born to be the best version of YOURSELF as you possibly can.

So let us see who you are – who you REALLY are.

Your own, ideal clients will instantly recognize you, hire you and love working with you.


This week’s transformational action:


Are you paying attention to the energy behind your marketing?

Are you working with strategies you don’t like?

Are you sharing WHO you are and WHY you do what you do in your marketing?

Be honest in answering these questions. Even if you’re already paying attention to all of these factors, there might still be room for improvement.

Not only will it make your marketing more effective, it will also make it more FUN!



© 2013 Brigitte van Tuijl











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