A couple of weeks ago I wrote about my Project Extreme Office Clean Up, and how good it felt to get rid of so much stuff.

The project is almost done, and I’ve learned so much from it.

Here are 3 nuggets of wisdom I gained that you can use in your business as well:

Nugget #1: Clearing your stuff updates (and improves!) your self-image

Some of the things I held onto for years where dozens of programs on doing business, marketing and sales.

The reason I kept them was NOT that I thought I might use them again some day.

The REAL reason was that I still thought of myself as a lousy entrepreneur. So I HAD to keep those programs and books: I needed them.

In reality I never used any of it anymore.

And when I went through each program I was flabbergasted:

I found out I actually KNEW most of the content, and had long implemented it in my business.

An important part of my self-image was SERIOUSLY outdated…

I know this happens to all of us, and I see it in my clients as well: they’ve always grown more than they give themselves credit for (or can even see for themselves – they usually only start seeing it when I point it out to them).

Making sure your self-image is up-to-date is important: you may be holding back because you think you’re not ready for something, when in fact, you already are.

Nugget #2: Throwing things out creates space in your mind

It’s amazing how decluttering your office automatically declutters your mind.

I already know there’s a direct link between your surroundings and how you feel.

But I forgot how liberating it is to go through your stuff and throw out anything you no longer use, need or love.

And I am certain this directly lead to nugget #3:

Nugget #3: Decluttering is the fastest way to clarity and change

By going through your stuff and carefully deciding what stays and what goes, you let go of much more than just things.

You automatically let go of old stories and beliefs about yourself and your business.

This gives you the clarity, insights and answers you need to take your business and yourself to the next level.

I recently realized I’ve outgrown the very thing I’ve been teaching and coaching since the day I started my business in 2003: how to find your purpose and mission.

That’s not the essence of my work anymore.

I’ve noticed most women entrepreneurs have a pretty good sense of their purpose and mission. They may not be 100% clear on it, but they’re clear enough to go out into the world with their (big) mission.

THAT’S where they’re really stuck: they’re either a bit scared to pursue their REAL dreams, in their OWN way – or they don’t know HOW to do it.

This takes clarity on what you truly, deeply desire, combined with confidence, courage, AND practical actions to turn these (big) business dreams into reality.

I was already focusing on this ‘new’ essence in my private coaching and new programs.

So it won’t change a lot on the outside of my business (besides the fact that I no longer offer my former signature program Big Mission, Big Impact).

But letting go of all the things that had to do with the ‘old’ phase and everything connected to it, created MASSIVE space for this new phase to grow and unfold.

And this growth and unfolding is a direct result of decluttering my office.


This Week’s Transformational Action


Do you feel that something new is in the air, but you’re not sure what?

Or do you want to grow or change your business, and want to quickly create space for it?

Start with decluttering your office.

Take a look around your office or workspace as if you see it for the very first time, and ask yourself:

What needs to go so I can grow?

And let it go.

You never know what can come to you when you create space for it…

You may be in for some very nice surprises!!

© 2014 Brigitte van Tuijl


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