Your business is so much more than a way to make money. You already know that, of course. You’re smart 😉

And I bet you started your business for one (or both) of these reasons that are just as important to you as making money:

  • You want to make a difference, help people, solve a problem and/or create change (which makes your business a tool to make a difference);
  • You want to be free and do things your own way (which makes your business a tool that helps you create the life & lifestyle you love).
But do you also know these things about your business (AND consciously use them to your benefit)?

Your business is a tool to express and grow all of your talents

Some of your talents are directly used in the work you do.

For example: an illustrator uses her artistic talent to create illustrations for her clients.

But that same illustrator may have a talent for telling stories, too. That’s a talent she can use to write a children’s book (and illustrate it herself).

There is always a way to express a talent you love and would like to do more with in your business.

Do you like to write songs? Write a song that represents your brand, and put it on your website. Or create a theme song for your program(s), event or service.

Do you like to tell jokes? Add a section to your newsletter where you share a couple of jokes every month.

Do you love to knit scarves? Put a picture of the most beautiful one you ever knit in the header of your website. Or on the background of your twitter bio.

Or write an article how knitting scarves is just like doing business, when you’re a business coach.  

Go wild; no idea is too crazy unless YOU say so.

You’re the boss, remember?  You can do whatever you feel like 😉

Your business is an instrument of personal growth & empowerment

When you’re an entrepreneur, EVERYTHING you do, don’t know, fuck up, forget or ignore always comes back to YOU.

Which can be a real downside to being an entrepreneur sometimes.

You can’t hide behind stupid company rules or a mission you don’t believe in; blame your co-workers or manager; or dump stuff on someone else’s plate.

Nope. It’s all you, baby 😉

And there’s a lot you need to learn and let go of if you want your business to thrive (or even survive).

On the bright side: every success is yours. (Yes! Really! It’s not a fluke, coincidence or someone else’s win. YOU made it happen! Own your success. It’s rightfully yours.)

Your business is an instrument of healing

Standing out with your business, showing up in your power AND creating a successful business on your own terms needs this from you:

To be true to yourself in every aspect of your business.

Sounds like the easiest thing to do, right?


This can trigger so many fears, doubts and limiting stories about yourself, that it can actually be very hard.

On the bright side: You don’t have to deal with everything at once. You can take it as slow as you like, and take teeny tiny baby steps to get there.

And a bonus result (besides being true to yourself, doing business on your terms and standing out from the crowd), you also heal yourself.

Every time you overcome a fear or doubt, a part of you gets healed.

You feel better, more free, and more powerful as a direct result of that – not just in your business, but in your entire life.


This Week’s Transformational Action


How could your business help you grow, express and heal yourself even more?

How would this benefit your business?

How would this benefit you?

And how could your clients benefit from this as well?

© 2014 Brigitte van Tuijl


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