People are always changing, growing and evolving.

And as a result, your business is always changing as well.

Sometimes this happens naturally and gradually. Other times, you feel some changes are ahead…but you can’t really see what they are yet.

You always know that change is in the air because:

  • You begin to feel restless, or bored;
  • The things you used to love no longer excite you;
  • You feel you might want to change your audience….or your programs…
  • You’re not really happy with the way things are right now, or
  • You long for something more, new, or different – without knowing what you want exactly.

Every change triggers all kinds of fears. And what a lot of people do to conquer those fears, is to ask the universe for a sign:

Show me what to do! Give me some evidence that I’m on the right track! Or that I’m following the wrong path!

Just gimme a sign!

And then we wait.

Well, today is your lucky day ‘cause THIS is your sign:

Right now, this minute, you already KNOW your next step.

The answer you seek is already here.

You may not be open to see it – because you’re stressed out, too busy, not taking time to relax or be quiet.

You may not like the answer – because it scares you, or because you’re afraid to step into unknown territory.

You may not see the entire path OR aren’t able to make sense of the next step you need to take – your next action might seem illogical (Taking a holiday in the middle of the busiest season). Or you can only see the next small step and have NO idea how to proceed after that.

A couple of months ago I felt things where about to change in my business again.

Did I know the entire path to that next new level?

No. Nor did I know what it would even look like.

I did know this:

Something was about to change. It was time for something new.

When I tuned into my intuition for further clarification, these were the answers I got:

  • You don’t have to figure it out right now;
  • Don’t try and force the answers to come;
  • Stay open to receive guidance, and
  • Make the decision that you’ll welcome this change, whatever it looks like.

So I made that decision – because THAT was the step right in front of me then.

I trusted the clarity would come. Because I’ve experienced over and over again that the answers I seek ALWAYS come.

(Plus: I’ve fine-tuned and trained my intuition so much, that I KNOW I can ALWAYS trust the answers and guidance I get – even when it doesn’t seem to make sense.)

This week’s transformational action:

Do you feel that some sort of change is in the air for you?

And are you waiting for a sign that shows you what to do?

THIS is your sign: the answer you seek is already right in front of you.

How do you know what it is?

Take time to be quiet, and alone. Take a piece of paper. Relax. Take a couple of deep breaths. Focus on your question, and write it down: what is right in front of me right now? What needs my attention right now? What’s my next step?

Write down EVERYTHING that comes up. And take that next step, no matter how weird, scary or illogical it seems.

© 2014 Brigitte van Tuijl
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