3 powerful questions to kick start the new yearDid you set your goals for 2014 yet? Are you clear on what you REALLY want, and how you’re going to achieve it?

The questions in this week’s article will definitely help you with that. They may seem easy and simple, but they are extremely powerful.

Take some time to answer them, even when all your goal setting and plan making is already finished.

These questions help you stay true to your path, and achieve the goals that matter to YOU most of all:


Question #1: A little magic …

Imagine someone gives you a magical gift: a genie in a bottle.

This genie can help you achieve ONE business goal this year.

Just one.

Which goal do you choose? What’s that ONE thing you want to achieve in your business most of all?

Choose wisely. Make sure it’s what you really, really, REALLY want.

Don’t worry if it seems unrealistic or undoable. No need to ask yourself if you’re really capable or worthy to achieve this goal. You have a magic genie by your side who’s gonna help you manifest it, remember?

Your only job is to feel what it is YOU want more than anything else.


Question #2: Choose your power habit

This genie has a second trick up his sleeve:

He can give you ONE super success habit that you instantly know how to use (plus the discipline to actually use it 😉

All you have to do is decide what THE most powerful habit is for you.

What (new) habit will help you achieve your goals with ease, grace, and fun?

What daily action, practice or new behavior will help you move forward at warp speed?

Pick the one thing you know, deep in your heart, will help you most.


Question #3: Get rid of that one recurring fear or doubt

Mr. Genie has one more gift for you:

He can take away ONE fear, doubt, or limiting belief from you. He works his magic and POOF, it’s gone. Once and for all.

What ONE fear keeps gripping you by the throat every time you stretch yourself?

What ONE doubt keeps messing with your dreams, and takes away your motivation and passion?

Choose the fear or doubt that would change EVERYTHING for the better if you got rid of it.


This week’s transformational action:


When you’ve answered these questions above, you now have a clear picture of:

  • What it is you REALLY want;
  • The habit or practice that will increase your success immensely, and;
  • The one fear or doubt that’s in your way most right now.

Now, take a look at the goals you set for this year: are they aligned with this deep, deep desire of yours?

If not, change or add a goal until you look at your goal(s) and feel all fired up and ready to go.

Then take a look at your habit: how could you implement it? Knowing how much difference it will make for you, will help you actually use it on a daily basis.

Good luck!!



© 2014 Brigitte van Tuijl


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