The end of December is the perfect time to look back and reflect on the previous year.

A lot has happened and I bet you’ve accomplished more than you think – if you take the time to really think about it, that is.

These 3 quick & easy ways will help you end this year powerfully, in a positive way.

(You don’t need me to remind you of your failures and mistakes, right? Those are the things all of us can remember by ourselves pretty well.)

Tip 1: Make a success list

Write down all your wins and successes from the past year, big and small.

Make sure you write down as many as you can remember, and strive to write down at least 50 things.

Yes, 50! Small stuff counts too, remember? Every time you stretched yourself, tried something new, or did something different, is a success.

Don’t argue with yourself whether or not something is a success or not: just write it down.

It might take you a couple of minutes to get in the mood, but once you get going it gets easier.

(Tip: go through your diary from the beginning of the year until now. It’ll help you remember everything you did well this year.)

Tip 2: Make a gratitude list

What are you grateful for? Who are you grateful for? What do you usually take for granted that’s actually something to feel thankful about?

Write down at least 50 things, again. Oh, and notice how your energy changes and your mood shifts while you’re doing this.

Focusing on things you feel grateful for is one of the fastest ways to feel good and lift your spirits.

Tip 3: Celebrate!

Take some time to celebrate your success, in whatever way feels good to you.

For example:

You can ask some close friends, family members and/or your partner to create their own list of successes, and celebrate your wins together. Each person creates a top 5 of their successes, and reads those 5 out loud. You all applaud and cheer for each other.

Celebrating helps you really acknowledge, own and feel your success.

Most people forget to celebrate their success. They spend more time thinking about their mistakes and missed opportunities than think about what went well.

Whatever you give your attention to, grows. If you want to experience more success and more joy, just focus on it more.




© 2013 Brigitte van Tuijl


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